The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow has been one of DC Comics’ most successful television series in recent years. “Legends of Tomorrow” has been one of the CW’s most successful series in recent years. However, this is not the first time we’ve seen time travel in the DC New 52. We’ve seen it in “The Flash”, “Arrow”, and of course “Supergirl”. “Legends of Tomorrow” has been one of the CW’s most successful series in recent years. The main reason behind this success is the fact that the show has changed up its format repeatedly over the course of the series.

When we last left our team of time-traveling heroes, they were in the process of saving the world from the villainous Doctor Sivana. After sending the scientific genius back in time to stop him, the Legends were supposed to leave the old man in the past and return home, but he came back. He took over the Waverider and the team, and now he’s going to use it to rip the fabric of time and space to create an army of super-villains to take over the world. With every situation that couldn’t get any worse for the Legends, it looks like that’s exactly what he’s planning.

After a one week hiatus due to the holiday on the 4th. July, the DC Legends of Tomorrow series returns this week with a brand new episode. For the legends, everything is back to normal, so to speak. Sarah (Katie Lotz) returns to the team after being lost in space for most of the season. After the western stress, the team is aware of their new position as a human/alien clone hybrid, and the team’s attention is now focused on finding the rest of the aliens released earlier in the timeline.

This week they are in the not too distant future and on the set of a television sitcom, but it’s not just any sitcom. This is Behrad’s (Shayan Sobhian) favorite sitcom and what the team is facing could have serious consequences for Behrad. Want to know the key details and storylines from this week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow? We’re here to help you. Here are the main plot points of the film This is Gus. Warning: Full spoilers for the episode after this point. Only read on if you want to know.


The episode starts with Behrad being late, but it’s his birthday. He rushes to a team meeting, but the team doesn’t seem to realize it’s his birthday. They travel to Vancouver, British Columbia to deal with an alien. Elsewhere on the ship, Mick gets a call from Lita, who desperately needs to talk to him, and he brings her to the ship. It turns out she’s pregnant. Mick doesn’t take it too well, but it turns out that Lita has been trying to contact him for over a year, which is news to Mick.

In Vancouver Future, the team is looking for an alien, and it turns out he’s coming to film a show called Bud Stuy, Behrad’s favorite TV show. He thinks the mission is wrong and actually surprises him. The team agrees and Behrad tells them how much the show meant to him as a child. Meanwhile, Spooner and Sarah follow the pod. Spooner tries to stop the pod, but runs away. Eventually it crashes on the set and out comes a cute pink alien. Behrad discovers that the mission is in fact real.

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Zari, Behrad, Nate and Astra try to lure the alien off the set, but are foiled by the showrunner, who persuades the star of the show to use the alien as the new star of the show, much to the annoyance of the real star.

Astra and Behrad search for the alien together and stumble upon a star banging his head against the wall of the writers’ room. They pretend to bring coffee and hear plans about how they are going to do things. They couldn’t find the alien, but Sarah and Spooner find it in the craft stores. Astra picks it up, but the alien is not happy and suddenly lets out a high pitched scream. The showrunner comes for the alien.

On the Waverider, Ava tries to establish a relationship between Leeta and Mick. Since Mick disappeared from her life, Lita has become very feminist and independent. Eventually Mick has to help her open a jar of pickles, which gets them talking.

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The team meets on the Waverider ship to work out a new plan. But when Behrad shows up, he looks and acts different, with better hair. He gives the alien the nickname Gus Gus. Gary explains that the alien is related to the showrunner. They also understand that changing the timeline affects and changes Behrad. The plan is to have Zari guest on the show so they can get the alien. Unfortunately, Zari isn’t what they’re looking for, but Nate is.

Behrad talks to the star of the show and tries to convince him not to sell, telling him that seeing a Muslim on TV was very helpful. He manages to pass and the star finds its way to his brother. Unable to change his brother’s mind, he leaves the show.

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On the Waverider, Ava talks to Lita and tells her that Mick is back with Nico, the baby’s father. However, Sarah realizes that Mick is actually planning to kill Nico. The ladies and Gary arrive and catch the two men talking, and it appears that Mick has regained consciousness. We also find out that Mick had sex with Kayla. Lita and Sarah notice that Mick is also acting strangely.

On set, Zari and Astra discover that Behrad has changed drastically in a short time: He’s all dressed up in a suit and tie and is bluffing that he’s a member of the puppeteers’ union. The host admits it was an alien, but Behrad seems to have sided with the host, who has since become a corrupt businessman himself. The changes are so great that the totems disappear. The legend brings him back to the Waverider. They will have to act quickly to save him and their timeline.

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Zari goes to the director and tells him how important his brother was. She also encourages him not to leave things as they are in his relationship with his brother. Astra finds the star and asks him to go back for the show, but he leaves in a golf cart and Astra chases him. But during the filming, Nate goes crazy and pretends to be an alien hunter. An alien bites Nate, the star of the show storms onto the set, Nate grabs the baby alien, but before it can scream, Nate gives it gum to calm it down. The star plays the game like it’s part of the script and the episode becomes a success.

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Behrad comes back and they throw a party for him on the boat, and Zari suggests a voice-over, but it turns out she’s talking to Zari 1.0, and both Zaris are talking about his brother. Zari 2.0 tells Zari 1.0 that she has to go to a birthday party and also that she can’t leave the house for a few weeks. There seems to be a loophole that allows him to return, at least for a while.

Zari 1.0 appears at the party and gets to hug his brother and spend time with Nate. The team updates her on all the important events, but before she can have a drink, she learns from Gary that Mick is also pregnant. It seems Kayla got him pregnant while they were having sex.

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs on Sundays at 8:07pm on The CW.

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