On the day it was released, everyone was asking the same question: “Where is the TV show Citizen Lodge?” After spending a few weeks running around the city, we found the answer. Not only is Citizen Lodge a TV show, the city is actually a hotel.

While on a trip to his native America, Jared was touring the historical sites of Washington DC, including the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Building, Washington Monument, and the White House. He also toured the Kennedys’ home, the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial.

The town of Laveen, Arizona has always been the home of wild west legends and rumors. But the town is now the home to a modern mystery, and its connection to the legendary “Citizen Lodge” murder mystery that occurred in the 1940’s. Not long ago, a group of men from California discovered an old lodge in the desert that had been abandoned for a long time. Shortly after, it was discovered that the building was in the same general vicinity of the “Citizen Lodge”, as it was called in the 1940’s.



Riverdale is back for its fifth season, and it isn’t pulling any punches. The series is taking some intriguing narrative jumps after its long-awaited midseason debut last week, including a closer look at Hiram Lodge’s universe (Mark Consuelos). We’re here to help you catch up on the most important facts and stories from Riverdale’s most recent episode. The greatest revelations and Easter eggs from “Chapter Eighty-Eight: Citizen Lodge” are listed below. Obviously, there are spoilers for Riverdale’s Season 5, Episode 12 “Chapter Eighty-Eight: Citizen Lodge” below! If you really want to know, just look!


Reggie delivers a bag full of cash to Hiram in order to settle the amount Marty owes Hiram after bailing out his company. Hiram and Marty are now “square,” but Reggie wants to keep working for Hiram, so Hiram assigns him the job of delivering a gun. Marty learns about Reggie’s continuing job and confronts Hiram about it, but he is unsuccessful. When Reggie learns of this, he confronts Marty and disavows him for the brutality he has endured while working for him. Hiram tells Reggie about his own father-son connection.

When a businessman informs them about the Palladium reserves in Riverdale, a younger Hiram watches his father polish shoes in the big city in a flashback scene. Hiram’s family then relocated to Riverdale in order for him to work in the mines, which eventually collapsed and were shut down. Hiram’s mother found a job as a server at Pop’s, while his father returned to shoe polishing.

Hiram receives money from Vito, a mobster. Hiram invites Hermione out on a date the following day, but she declines because of Hiram’s family’s financial situation. Hiram starts making deliveries for Vito in return for a large sum of money, which raises Hiram’s father’s suspicions.

Hiram invites Hermione out for dinner at Pop’s, and the two discuss their goals and ambitions for getting out of Riverdale. Cops arrive to the restaurant and arrest Hiram for narcotics trafficking. Hiram gets bailed out of prison by Hermione, and Vito is pleased that Hiram did not reveal the operation. Vito offers him a promotion and a vehicle, which he uses to go on another date with Hermione. Hermione assists him in coming up with the name Hiram Lodge during the date. When Marty comments on Hiram for getting his name officially changed, he punches him up.

When Hiram’s father learns about his agreement with Vito, he threatens to contact the cops. When Vito learns of it, he sends his thugs after Hiram’s father, who is shot and killed in front of Pop’s. Hiram meets Hermione’s mother during the burial, and she apologizes for how she had previously criticized his father. Penelope passes judgment on Hermione because of Hiram’s connections to the mafia. When Vito comes at the burial, he convinces Hiram that he should continue to work for him. Hiram confronts several of Vito’s friends with the truth about his father’s death, then murders them. Hiram takes advantage of Vito’s decision to leave town and never return to make Riverdale his dominion.

Hiram explains that the jail was just a front for him to harvest palladium using convict labor, but that the output was insufficient. He informs Reggie that a bigger deposit is hidden under the Blossoms’ maple groves, and he requests that Reggie take him to Alto’s care home, where he murders him.

Hiram informs Reggie on the way back that he no longer needs his services and that he wants Reggie to have the regular life he never had. Reggie accepts his offer and makes amends with his father.

Hiram watches Real Housewives and hears Hermione and Veronica arguing that Hiram should have retired years ago. Hiram then contacts Hermosa, who assists him in covering up Vito’s murder, putting in action a plan for him to reclaim all he has lost.


Riverdale airs on The CW on Wednesdays at 8/7c.

Citizen Lodge was a short-lived (and low-budget) NBC television series that aired in the spring of 1982. It’s a quirky sci-fi series, with lots of quirky characters, that never really caught on. “Citizen” is a word that was widely used at that time to describe the general public, and a “lodge” is a fancy word for a home. However, the series was hardly a success, as it was neither particularly popular nor critically acclaimed.. Read more about riverdale vito and let us know what you think.

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