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The Boston Celtics have been a competitive team for some time, which has made important steps in the Eastern Conference in recent years, but has never won a prize. They now have a large group of players, but they haven’t won an NBA title after 12 years of drought.

Their 2008 NBA Championship was great, they beat their rivals, the Lakers, in the finals and won their 17th NBA Championship. A lot of time has passed since then, and some fans (as well as players) have exploited this title as if there were no tomorrow. That’s why an NBA fan sent a message to a Celtics fan on Twitter, mocking the Celtics and their inability to release the title.

A follower of the Washington Wizards twittered something about the New Year, time zones and the Celtics.

Time zones are cool.

Australia in 2021

The United States in 2020

Celtics fans in 2008, he writes.

Time zones are cool

Australia in 2021

The United States in 2020

In 2008 Celtic fans

– Gehemeld (@5kyed) 31. December 2020

It was a very clever tweet that got a lot of reaction from the fans. While some laughed at C, others defended their team and attacked other teams who did the same when it was their turn.

Don’t Lakers fans need a goat to save them from a 10-year drought? I asked a friend…

– H.R.puffnstuff (@jay_dubs92) 31 December 2020

Your team has been prepared by Kelly Olynyk in a playoff game pic.twitter.com/dGhgFxCzl9.

– δ ⚡ (@ExtendAdamGase) 31 December 2020

So, uh… where in the timeline are the Clippers fans?

– *Showtime* (Bernie B) (@sportstalksmack) December 31st 2020

The Celtics have the most titles in the history of the NBA and are in any case currently very good, if not candidates for the title. And our entire core is made up of local stars. Philadelphia is the only other candidate who can say that. But keep supporting capitalist franchises like the Clippers, the Lakers or Brooklyn.

– Nick D. Lassiter (@lassy99) 31 December 2020

No, I love this team. This is about the future. The year 2008 was fantastic. It’s a different NBA now.

– Palmer (@PalmerGuyBoston) 31. December 2020

No, I love this team. This is about the future. The year 2008 was fantastic. It’s a different NBA now.

– Palmer (@PalmerGuyBoston) 31. December 2020

Lmao, but you forgot about the Raptors fans in 2019.

– Active (@ goat) 31 December 2020

I’m proud to be here and to see…

– CurryMVP (2-2) (@BouncebackSZN) 31 December 2020

I feel attacked, but at the same time, yes. It’s still ’08, those good times.

– Wild Miles (@Cene Miles) 31 December 2020

aye pic.twitter.com/NlHbrKMPDt

– Louis (@louis_samsonnn) 31. December 2020

Celtics fans claim they are still relevant on pic.twitter.com/iaEIh5vb1f.

– Fan #1 Zavona (@Shelovezavon) 31. December 2020


– Tua Beter (@MrHeattNation) 31 December 2020

Big W f*ck Celtics pic.twitter.com/gYOPSD6Cn5

– Bennet 8/24 (:3-2) (@Bennet24_LFC) 31 December 2020


– Sean(3-2)(12-3) (@SeanH00ps) 31 December 2020

What an epic tweet. Well done.

– Lewis Kay (@lewiskay) 31 December 2020

This tweet pic.twitter.com/tqwf1XHWNs

– Eduardo (@Imgoingbacktob1) 31 December 2020


– KEN STAN PATRICK (@Kenbuckets3) 31 December 2020.

The debate doesn’t stop with the NBA, and this guy’s made a new one, joking. The Celtics now have a good team, led by Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown. They have a bright future ahead of them, but something seems to be missing. Until then, they keep a title that ages every year.

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