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Brady Henderson

At his request, the Seattle Seahawks forfeited a defensive tackle from veteran Damon Snacks Harrison.

The team announced the move on Monday, a day after Harrison was injured in Seattle’s NFC West win over the Los Angeles Rams.

He decided not to play anymore, said Seahawks coach Pete Carroll Monday at 710 ESPN Seattle. He’s done playing. I talked to him this morning. He’s in a good mood and everything. He’s very grateful for the chance to play here, and he’s done very well for us, but he’s just… he’s done.

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At least with the Seahawks. Harrison tweeted Monday that he plans to play for another team this year if he can work on logistics, although he added that he has no interest in being suspended.

Harrison implied on Twitter that his decision was due to his role in Seattle, although his tweets and Carroll’s comments indicate an amicable settlement.

In a tweet Harrison thanked the Seahawks and his teammates and wrote that he wished it wasn’t over yet, but that it was time for both of us to move on. In another he wrote that he didn’t want to deprive a deserving young player of the chance to be there. He also asked members of the media to ask him questions about his situation, in contrast to the players and coaches who should be in the spotlight.

What’s the next step? I’m not sure. Harrison tweeted. I need to make sure my family’s okay before I do anything. That’s my first priority. I’d love to keep playing, but with Covid and other logistics it’s hard to pack up and leave now. I’ll keep you posted!

I would like to thank my teammates and the Seahawks for allowing me to enter the 2020 season. I’d like to continue this, but it’s time we both moved on. Everybody loves 12 years

– Damon Harrison Sr (@nacks) 28 December 2020

What’s the next step? I don’t know, I have to make sure my family’s okay before I do anything. That’s my first priority. I’d love to keep playing, but with Covid and other logistics it’s hard to pack up and leave now. I’ll keep you posted!

– Damon Harrison Sr (@nacks) 28 December 2020

Before I sit down and try to shoot a young man who deserves to play there, I’d better go. There are a lot of snakes in the NFL, but I’m not one of them. ….

– Damon Harrison Sr (@nacks) 28 December 2020

Harrison will probably withdraw. The move leaves the Seahawks with an open list.

So I don’t know what’s going to happen to another club, but I know he has a big family, he has a bunch of kids, seven kids he has to take care of and juggle, and it’s a very difficult time and a challenge, Carroll told the radio station. He’s gonna try to get her home and keep her safe. He was an extraordinary man. We loved him and are sad to see him go, but we have to move on.

Seahawks picked up 32-year-old Harrison on the 7th. October to the training team after the decision to play in 2020. He didn’t make his Seattle debut until the 15th. November versus the Rams. The six-legged, 80-weight player had to return to his football uniform and wait for the opening of the Seattle defensive tackle, which he got when Brian Monae injured his ankle.

Harrison, a division one All-Pro team in 2016, was credited with nine tackles and was forced to make a mistake in six games against Seattle. According to Pro Football Reference, he averages 23 defensive strikes per game, with Jarran Reed and Poon Ford playing behind the tee.

The Seahawks activated Moni from the victim pool on Saturday. He played 26 times in defense against the Rams. Before the match Harrison Mone and some other teammates wished good luck against the Rams via Twitter.

Harrison’s contract with Seattle asked for a base salary of $1.05 million. That’s about $370,588 for six games.

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