Hoodies make everyone feel comfortable. The hoodie is basically not an article of clothing; it’s a lifestyle. The good thing about hoodies, besides the casual fit and warmth they provide, is that you can make your own personalized hoodie just the way you want it to be.

Here are 10 top reasons why customized hoodies make everyone happy:

1) When you make your own hoodie, your unique design provides instant gratification.

You will never walk out of the house wearing something “off-the-rack.” There are so many colors to choose from and so many ways to personalize. You may even find yourself designing more than one custom-made personalized hoodie if this becomes addictive!

2) Customized sweatshirts make a very special gift for any occasion.

They make great gifts to give at baby showers, birthday parties, graduation presents and other life milestones. If you have a friend going off to college, make them a custom sweatshirt that says “college bound” or something along those lines. What better way to send someone off into this world? Customizing your own sweatshirt will make it more meaningful than just giving cash as a gift!

3) Its fun to make your own hoodie from scratch because there are no limitations.

You can make the design as complicated or as simple-looking as you want it to be. You can use symbols and images or create words and phrases with graphics software online – the options are limitless!

4) In some cases, custom hoodies make for a unique business opportunity.

If you make sweatshirts that are of great quality and have a catchy message, you can even make them available to purchase from your very own site! You don’t have to be a designer to make these types of products – there are tons of online applications that make this easy for the novice.

5) Making your own personalized hoodie is fun – it’s satisfying – and it gets easier by the day.

There is so much more information on the Internet today about how to design your own personalized hoodie just right. From YouTube videos about how to sketch images on cloth with charcoal pencils, which used to be difficult by hand, now there are ways to make your own sweatshirt online with the use of computer software.

6) Making your own hoodie is fun and exciting —

It’s a way to embrace your creativity and make something that represents you, for yourself. Whether you make an image of something that makes you happy or gives words to how you feel at any given moment, make a hoodie that reflects who you are and what you’re all about. People love the feeling they get when they make their very own customized shirt; this is why custom-made clothes make such great gifts!

7) Customized sweatshirts actually make us more creative in many ways.

We may think we can’t draw well enough or paint things on fabric, but making our own hoodies from scratch allows us to release all of these doubts. What’s more is that when we make our own sweatshirts, we feel proud of ourselves and the product that comes out at the end. You can make your own hoodie with or without artistic skills!

8) Making your own customized hoodie is also a great way to help you release stress.

There are so many ways to make your very own customized sweatshirt from scratch – from sketching out an image yourself to using different software applications online – it doesn’t have to be difficult after all! Even if you don’t make anything complicated, simply playing around until you make something that makes you smile is what it’s all about.

9) You can make your very own personalized sweatshirt with or without software applications.

If you do make your own sweatshirt on a computer, there are several ways to make it look artistic and professional for less than $50. There’s no reason your art should resemble something from elementary school! With just a few dollars and some creativity, you can make your own personalized sweatshirt that is unique and reflects the real you.

10) When we design our own hoodies, we may learn skills we didn’t know we had beforehand.

For example, how many people who make their own customized shirt realize they have an eye for colors after seeing what they make? You might think “I would never wear that” regarding an image of someone else’s custom-made design; but when it comes to your own, you make it and appreciate it because it’s yours.


There are many advantages to make your own personalized sweatshirt from scratch. You can make the design as complicated or as simple-looking as you want it to be. You can use symbols and images or create words and phrases with graphics software online – the options are limitless!

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