The Giants are in an interesting rebuilding phase. They have a quarterback, and they have a big gun to throw to after signing Kenny Golladay this season. They also have a pretty solid defense. What else could the Giants use?

In a league where you have to tackle the quarterback, the Giants could use some extreme help. They have a good defensive line with guys like Leonard Williams, but they need more on the outside. This is Miami linebacker Jaelan Phillips. He could really revitalize the Giants’ pass rush.


Phillips is 6-foot-4 and weighs 100 pounds. The University of Miami recorded 8.5 sacks in the 2020 season, along with 45 total tackles, 15.5 total tackles and one interception. He is a physical monster who can improve any pass rush.

Phillips’ vertical was an impressive 36.5 inches. He also made 10-5 broad jump and 21 bench reps at 225 pounds during his pro day. Even more impressive, Phillips ran a 40-yard dash of 4.56. His numbers on the pro day were unreal and showed the improbable physical abilities Phillips possesses. The Giants must love him as a prospect.

Phillips has a great first step that allows him to hit all the right spots and dominate the line of scrimmage. He’s pretty quick through the offensive line and causes havoc in the backfield for the offense. His highlights speak volumes and prove that he deserves to be mentioned at the highest level.


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VIDEO: Jaelan Phillips’ vision is sensational and is one of the reasons he is my favorite candidate in this class.

I wish he was with the Browns

– Johnny Kinsley (@brickwallblitz) April 2, 2021


As far as Phillips is concerned, there are some weaknesses that don’t need to be discussed. I think the two biggest problems are size and leverage. The biggest key for Phillips is the ability to use his speed and athletic ability to his advantage. Phillips has the tools, but his small stature compared to some defenders can get in the way if a big, strong tackle catches him. One player worth mentioning in this scenario is a guy like Leonard Floyd.

If Floyd didn’t make it in Chicago, he found his niche in Los Angeles, and I think that will help teams believe Phillips can succeed in the NFL.

The other concern is the leverage, it’s a little off. If Phillips can use his speed and create leverage against big offensive tackles, he can be a force in the NFL and not be swallowed up by elite blocking.

Final thoughts

All in all, Jaelan Phillips is an athletic freak who could become a fixture on the Giants’ defensive line. Louis Riddick thinks he’s the best defensive lineman in this draft. If he has the right coach and the right situation, he could become an elite pass rusher in the NFL. The only thing that bothers some teams is that he looks more like the Rams version of Leonard Floyd than the Bears. If he can overcome these concerns, he will be a worthy asset to a team like the New York Giants.

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