Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the transfer market developed differently during the summer than all previous ones, but there were many more shops, and the most important ones can be seen here. The window may be closed in the major European competitions, but here are the best rumours from around the world.

TOP STORY: Kuman plant ISP attack on Malen

Although Ronald Cuman announced a few weeks ago that Barcelona would try to draw striker Memphis Deportivo from Lyon in January, Mundo Deportivo believes that Barcas boss Donyell Malen of PSV Eindhoven is working on a Plan B.

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In the summer Barca could not sign the 25 million euro contract with Depay and in January it could be just as difficult. Kuman may therefore be considering an autumn strike by Malen, a 21-year-old who has already scored five goals this season.

Malen also took part twice and played for the Dutch national team despite his young age. In fact, during his training at home, Kuman worked directly with an ex-Arsenal student, so that he knows first-hand what potential the young man has at his doorstep.

Kuman hopes to strengthen Barca’s team in January, although he knows that given the size of the club’s debt and the unrest surrounding the board, he will have limited resources to work with.

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22.31 BST: Negotiations for a new contract between Sheffield United and midfielder John Lundstrom, according to Sky Sports, and Burnley, Crystal Palace and the Rangers – all of whom would be interested in recruiting a 26-year old English youth international.

20.14 BST: Mundo Deportivo report that a heel injury that has kept Valencia midfielder Jeffrey Condoia out of action for the past two weeks has kept the 27-year-old midfielder out of action after the March 5 deadline in Atletico Madrid. November to find a replacement for Thomas’ party, threatens to take him out of the game.

17.57 BST: Hakan Calhanoglu had a warm start to the 2020-21 season, scoring four goals and helping four others in his first eight campaign games. This form may explain the stalemate he found himself in when he and A.C. Milan negotiated a new contract with a 26-year-old playmaker in the final year of the San Siro agreement.

The latest acquisition is Manchester United, which according to the newspaper dello Sport is willing to offer Turkey a salary increase for a five-year contract at Old Trafford. The report states that Calhanoglu prefers to stay in Italy. Also present are Bruno Fernandez and Paul Pogba, who also like to work in similar positions.

15.40 GMT: Former Arsenal and West Ham midfielder Jack Wilser told Sky Sports that he looked beyond the Premier League.

The 28-year-old left the Arsenal in 2018, but only went to West-Ham 19 times because of an injury and his contract was terminated this summer by mutual agreement.

La Liga, Italy or Germany would be a good change for me, he said. Not many English players have done that. I used to watch La Liga, that’s what I used to think. I like the competition, I think it’s more technical than an English competition. I think this is a place where I can show you what I can do.

I don’t think I’m too young for MLS. It’s at Sky Sports, I think there’s a big improvement in that competition. If there was a suitable opportunity, I’d be open to it.

3:09 P.M. IN GREENWICH: Shkodran Mustafi insists that the future of Arsenal has not been discussed, but he has confessed that he wants to stay with the club after the end of his contract.

A 28-year-old’s contract expires at the end of the season and it has been suggested that he might refuse an extension because he sees his future elsewhere.

Mustafi, who joined the Valencia Gunners in 2016 for 35 million pounds, says there has been no discussion because he focused on recovering from a serious hamstring injury that ended last season with a semi-final of the Football League Cup in which he defeated Manchester City in July. The central defender has sometimes been severely criticised, both by his supporters and by the Wise Men, but he has expressed the wish to remain in the arsenal if an agreement could be reached.

When I decided to join Arsenal, it was because I respect the club, he told the reporters. It’s a big club, so if I could stay at Arsenal, it would obviously mean a lot to me.

The past three months it has been important for me to recover from my injury, to prepare for the race and to help my team. If you’re hoping to get games, you can probably look ahead, but at the moment it was difficult for me because I hadn’t thought about the end of my contract or what would happen in the future for the last few months, because I just wanted to come back as soon as possible.

2:47 P.M. IN GREENWICH: That summer Chelsea spent a lot of money on Kai Havertz and it was a valuable investment.

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Former RB Leipzig director Ralph Rangnik sees an incredibly bright future for Chelsea’s Kai Havertz.

1415 GMT: Calciomercato says Birmingham’s Aitor Caranca is trying to bring former Milanese Alexander Pato into the club.

Pato, 31, signed his contract with the Brazilian side of São Paulo in August and is expected to be interesting for the Italian side of Genoa, La Spezia and Monza.

The Brazilian striker was named top scorer at a young age and scored 63 goals in 150 performances for Milan before his career was compromised. He spent time with Corinthians, Villarreal and Tianjin Tianhai. In January 2016 he moved to Chelsea on credit, but only played twice.

Pateau hasn’t played for his country since 2013, but this season Birmingham has only scored three competitive goals and needs some firepower.

13.55 GMT: Corinthian striker Danilo Avelar has invested in a platform that connects major clubs in Brazil and the rest of the world with players who do not have easy access to agents.

Avelar, 31, who is recovering from a right knee injury, joined the new company by investing in an application called Tero, which is already in use. In this way the clubs can see the quality of the players themselves, so they can show their football to get a professional contract.

I’ve always loved the entrepreneurial spirit and I’ve done it next to football. I like to make commitments, be innovative and look for new ideas because I have this entrepreneurial spirit, Mrs. Avelar said. The application manages to connect the major clubs in Brazil and around the world with an athlete who is in the countryside and has no agent without prospects. The distance is eventually reduced by this platform, because it enables young people to realize their dream of becoming professional athletes.

The platform will help the athletes and the clubs themselves. For example, you can filter the athlete you are interested in. So if the team is looking for a midfielder with a length of 1.80 m on the left leg, this application offers all these possibilities. At the same time, the club saves time and money and has more self-confidence. It’s much better than having a sieve of a thousand athletes and maybe only one.

13.11 GMT : Estudiantes La Plata president Juan Sebastian Veron believes that Barcelona captain Lionel Messi is not comfortable in the club.

Last summer, Messi was about to leave Barca when the attacker accused the club’s president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, of lying and then criticized the club’s management by announcing that he would stay and not sue to force him to resign.

Against a backdrop of bad work in the field and a defeat of 97 million euros, Bartomeu resigned on Tuesday, while the rest of the board resigned with him and elections will be held within the next 90 days to appoint a new chairman.

Veron, a former Manchester United midfielder and Argentina international, told Deportivo IP : I feel a certain anxiety at the moment, because I know he looked like the protagonist all these years in Barcelona, and I think it’s a transition period with big changes, where you try to find a certain identity. And Massey’s involved, too.

I have the impression that to some extent the club has not been able to guide him, especially when forming a group and a team, and that at some point he has conspired against what he is. He was always a competitive player and wanted to stay at the top.

12.32 GMT : IFK Norrköping midfielder Isak Bergman Johannesson was found by Liverpool, according to Swedish Expresses.

Johannesson, 17 years old, is impressed by his club team and is playing for Iceland at the age of 21. Manchester United and Juventus have also shown interest in signing, Mr Aftonbladet said.

11:21 GMT: The Times reported that Manchester United is targeting RB Leipzig defender Daota Appamecano.

As early as August, ESPN sources Mark Ogden said that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wanted to strengthen his defensive capabilities and that Upamecano was his main target. Leipzigovec, 21, was impressed by the semi-finals of the Champions League in Lisbon last season.

The French signed the extension of the contract until June 2023. He was due to terminate the contract in June 2021 – an agreement that contained a €60 million release clause, but although he dedicated his future team to Julien Nagelsmann, reports from Germany say the new agreement contains a €42 million release clause that could come into effect at the end of the 2020-21 season.

10.35 GMT : First Maine United, then the Armory: Wilfried Zach’s uniform for the Crystal Palace could once again arouse the interest of the big clubs, writes James Ollie.

Zaha seems to rediscover the form given to both parties in that record-breaking agreement – nine goals in 29 2017-18 Premier League matches and ten in 34 2018-19 matches. Similarly, Palace is surprisingly far from the top of the table with 13 points when the weekend action starts on Friday night at Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The Palace and Hodgson will benefit in the short term if Zachah continues to thrive, but it could also revive the conversation of a great club movement he looks forward to, perhaps still motivated in some ways by his failure at Manchester United in 2013.

Zahah is Sir Alex Ferguson’s last signature at Old Trafford, almost a parting gift to his successor David Mois, but a man for £15 million was thrown out and eventually returned to the palace, first on loan in 2014, then 12 months later for about £6 million permanent. He played for United four times and never made it to the Premier League.

One agent called the lack of a safeguard clause in the contract a farce and doubted how Zahah could be persuaded to sign a contract that would put the palace in such a strong negotiating position. However, he has two years to conclude this agreement next summer and it remains to be seen whether the President of the Palais, Steve Parish, will weaken his position.

09:59 GREENWICH MEAN TIME: Manchester United meets RB Leipzig tonight, but couldn’t he turn a blind eye to the manager of the German club?

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Archie Rind-Tutt believes that the Julien Nagelsmann of RB Leipzig is a better option for Man United than Ole Gunner Solskjaer.

09.12 GREENWICH TIME: According to the German sports newspaper Bild, David Alaba and Bavaria Muenchen were able to split up at the end of the season.

Alaba’s representative Pini Zahavi and Champions League winner Pini Zahavi returned to the negotiating table last Friday, but left without getting close to the new contract.

The Austrian defender worked under contract in Bavaria until 2021, and can now leave the club where he spent his entire professional career.

Alaba, 28 years old, will be able to leave the Allianz Arena next summer with a free transfer and can start his career on the first day of the season. January: signing of a preliminary contract for the 2021-22 season with a new club.

8:35 GREENWICH MEAN TIME: Barcelona chairman Josep Maria Bartomeu resigned Tuesday with the rest of the board without waiting for a vote of confidence in his future at the club, increasing the chances that Lionel Messi will be able to stay at the club after the season.

Last season was Barca’s first trophy-free season since 2007-08, and earlier this month the club announced a loss of €97 million for the 2019-20 season, although this was largely due to financial problems related to the coronavirus pandemic. There were cracks between Bartomeu and the players, especially Messi.

Bartomeu stood firmly on his legs when Messi tried to leave Barku last summer. His attacker accused him of lying and then criticized the management of the Bartomeu club by announcing that he would stay and not press charges to force him to leave Camp Know.

After the defeat [of the Bavarian Champions League in Munich], it is easier to resign, but it is necessary to make decisions in an unprecedented global crisis, Bartomeu said, adding that later, after Messi’s Spa, he could not allow the club to be run by outside and temporary personalities. Who will make sure Messi stays? Who would hire a new coach?

Messi’s contract expires next summer, which means that from 1 January 2021 it will be able to communicate freely with clubs outside Spain for a free transfer.

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Huge debts have given Marcotti and his desire to play in the European Super League to Josep Maria Bartomeu.

8:00 A.M. GMT: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer countered Manchester United’s claims by making the mistake of signing the contract with midfielder Donny van de Beck and insisting that he play a key role at Old Trafford this season.

Van de Beek, Ajax’s £40 million summer manuscript, was an unused replacement in Saturday’s 0-0 draw with Chelsea, prompting Patrice Evra to say his former club did not need him, while former Dutch striker Marco van Basten said the player should have joined the club, where he could play more regularly.

The Bic has yet to make his Premier League debut this season with just 61 minutes in five games, but Solskjaer is helping the 23-year-old recover well.

I understand that the subject is Donnie van de Beek, and for some actors or commentators it is a pleasure, Solskjaer said at a press conference on Tuesday. I know you don’t have enough time when you’re on TV and you have to score very fast, but you have to know that you don’t have to start the first three games to be a very important player in the team.

When Donny played, he played very well. I think it says a lot about the depth of our quality in the team that we shouldn’t use it in every game because we have other players. I think it also shows our ambitions – we want to continue, we want to challenge for trophies this season. Donny is going to play a very big role this year. Donny will be very important to us, don’t worry.

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Huge debts have given Marcotti and his desire to play in the European Super League to Josep Maria Bartomeu.

PAPER VOICE (by Nick Judd)

Barcelona and Juventus on a new exchange agreement ?

After an exchange – for Arthur and Miralem Pyanic – which has already taken place this year, Barcelona and Juventus will be able to do more business in January 2020, while the old lady is ready to exchange Federico Bernardezky for Usman Dembele.

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This was reported by Tuttosport, who said that during the preparation of the game at the Champions League field on Wednesday night, the two clubs could also prepare for negotiations in the conference room.

Bernardeschi and Dembele will terminate their contracts in 2022. Zhuve was also able to exchange Alex Sandro for the young Firpo, as both clubs want to freshen up their squads without breaking the bank.

In 2020 there will be a good relationship between the two European giants that can continue to exist if both parties can continue to do business that benefits both parties.

Die Glühbirne has proposed a new agreement to combat Bayern

Since Tariq Lampti joined Brighton & Hove Albion from Chelsea in January, he has been working in electrical form, which indicates the interest of Bavaria Munich. However, according to the sun, the seagulls are trying to keep Bayonne on the side of the state by offering his defender a big new contract.

The English U21 star was probably the most consistent player in Brighton, and with Bavaria’s interest in him, the Spanish Seville team would have been interested in buying the services of a young player.

Brighton wants to keep his star man and, to this end, has begun negotiations for a £140,000 per week contract to extend his contract for three years.

Lamptey has supported Brighton twice in 14 games since his change of position at the beginning of the year.


– El Chiringuito reports that Lyon could offer Antoine Griesman a way out of Barcelona and send the French striker in the other direction. FC Barcelona would like to complete the signature of Depay and Grieseman has not been able to impress since he joined the Catalan club Atletico Madrid for 120 million euros.

– Lautaro Martinez’s future seems to lie in… Milan. The Tuesday edition of Tuttosport indicates that the International Club officers are planning to extend the futures contract. While the Italians seemed willing to release the striker for a lot of money, plus a few Barca players as part of the deal, the summer recess of Covid-19 apparently affected everyone involved in the negotiations. And now it looks like Martinez is staying in San Siro.

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