L.A. — Lebron James says the most satisfying part of the two-year extension of the $85 million Lakers contract in L.A. that he signed last week is not the money. It’s not like that guarantees him 20 seasons in the NBA. It is no pride to know that he has worked hard enough to stay at the top of his game, that the team wants to reward him as well as he has done in the past 30 years.

No, what James is really interested in is how she balances her future with that of her son, Lebron James Jr. 16 years old.

The best part of the free agent experience this year will be the same year my eldest son graduates from high school, James said Monday in a videoconference with reporters as he made his first comments since training camp began. So I have a few options to decide what I want to do, be close to my family, be closer to my son or keep playing this game that I love with good health and morals. We’ll see about that.

James’ son, also known as Bronny, is a sophomore at Sierra Canyon High School in Chatsworth, California. The 1.82 meter high defender left the bench in the national ranking last season.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Lebron James Jr. was recruited last season at Sierra Canyon High. Cooper Neill for ESPN

It remains to be seen how Bronnie will develop as a career opportunity in the coming years, or how the NBA collective bargaining agreement will be adapted to attract players directly from school again, an option that eliminated the competition in 2005.

This isn’t the first time James has played in a league with his son.

Do you want to ask me what the greatest achievement of my life is? When I was on the same set as my son in the NBA, James said while filming the film ABC for the 2018 NBA finals that this will be the first thing in my life as an NBA player. … I was thinking because my son will be 14 soon, and maybe he can come a little sooner.

Play together, play the game host Mike Breen.

Or play against them, James replied.

James, who will turn 38 at the end of overtime, will not guess how long he will play after the 2022-23 season.

I don’t see far into the future, like James said. I’ll just give it away as long as I can and see what happens. I have been lucky enough to participate in 18 direct training camps and I will never take it for granted.

Meanwhile, James has a championship title to defend for the fourth time in his career. He managed to repeat three previous attempts and won the title in 2013 with Miami Heat, after winning the first championship of his career in 2012.

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However, with Heath in 2014 and the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2017, James’ teams failed to score after losing the NBA final.

I think the target will be even bigger, if that’s possible, James said when asked about the problem of repetition. For me personally, I’ve always had an eye on the back – or on the front – since I joined the competition. In addition, there is the name Lakers, the Lakers franchise, apple has also been part of this franchise for a long time.

The road to replay starts with the first of four preseason games against the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday and the regular season opener follows on the 22nd. December.

For now, James is just another basketball player who adapts to the tough conditions when he comes back on the pitch after an off-season break.

Physically, I’m really sick right now, James. It’s day two of training camp. That was my whole career, except probably the first or second year, when I was 18 or 19. I’m in a lot of pain, but nothing. [boss] Nothing keeps me from standing on the ground, doing 5-on-5, 4-on-4, teaching some kind of education and so on. So, in that sense, I’m good.

Besides, in my mind, I’m great. I’m healthy. My family is healthy. I have a great mind, so I’m in a very good position in my life. I’m unshakeable.

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