Batwoman has already covered a lot of ground in the second season, introducing the debut of his new caped crusader, Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie), and revealing some important new secrets. As we’ve gradually learned more details about Ryan’s past – as well as a thread about what might happen to Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) in Coryan – the series’ plot has only grown more complex. This is especially true of this week’s episode, Gore on the Canvas, which picks up and fleshes out several scenarios from the season so far.

If you want to know the key details and plots of the latest Batwoman episode, we’re here to help. Here are the biggest finds and easter eggs from Gore on Canvas. Of course, the spoilers from season 2, episode 5 of Batwoman, Gore on Canvas, below! Don’t look unless you want to know!



James tracks down Jack Napier’s painting to The Collective, a secret group of art dealers – and soon learns that Safiya is sending agents of the Many Weapons of Death to find it. Batman saves James from the multiple weapons of death and refuses to work with him to find Kate.


Ryan spends the night at Angelica’s apartment, and Angelica apologizes for Ryan having to go to jail. Angelica notices a kryptonite injury, but Ryan attributes it to work. Mary treats Ryan for an injury and tells him to take a few days off to be Batman. Ryan declines, partly because she’s still worried about how she relates to Kate.


Jacob and Sophie meet Evan Blake, Kate’s childhood friend, whom she helped get out. Evan has ties to the collective, but denies knowing the location of Jack Napier’s painting. Sophie decides to make a deal with Batwoman so they can both find Kate, and Luke and Mary think she should. Later, Ryan told Luke what happened to the Ravens that landed him in jail – after two of them sexually assaulted her on the street, they fought back and found Angelica’s drug stash in her face. Then Luke tells him how the Crows killed Lucius.

Ryan agrees to join Jacob and Sophie in questioning one of Koryana’s agents, who discovers that the Napier painting is a map of Koryana before his death. Sophie asks Batman to go undercover at an auction organized by The Collective to sell Napier’s painting, and she accepts. Mary and Luke help Ryan prepare for the event, which takes place in Gotham’s airplane hangar, and Luke gets Ryan to bribe him with a Batarang. After Evan almost turns down participation in the auction, Angelica shows up to help him get in. Ryan discovers Angelica is supplying drugs for the auction, but Angelica promises she’s been clean for four months.



Ryan tracks down Napier’s painting and uses some of Luke’s gadgets to correctly identify the map underneath. Luke tells Ryan that she needs to steal the painting to get the map underneath, and she decides to disguise herself as Batman to do just that – just as Wolf Spider, art thief and performance artist, steals the painting. Batman and Wolf Spider fight, but Wolf Spider escapes and chases the Raven Agents’ car, eventually leaving them for dead. Batman comes to Wolfspin’s rescue, discovers it’s Evan, and takes her back to Mary’s clinic to treat her injuries. When Evan wakes up, they explain that they were trying to steal the painting for Kate – and Mary reveals that the painting was a distraction after all.

Ryan explains to Luke and Mary that as Batman, she has to make choices if she wants to suffer the physical consequences. Batman then meets Sophie and refuses to continue working with her if she continues to allow or condone Raven’s behavior. Back at the apartment, Ryan is weakened by a kryptonite injury.

Meanwhile, Alice is haunted by the ocean, still struggling to remember her past with Corian. She follows him to a bar, where she pushes away a guy who tries to hit on her. Ocean casts a glance over the bar and they begin a conversation. Ocean begins to tell him more about his past, but denies that they ever met. As Alice drives away, Ocean knocks her unconscious and kidnaps her. He discovers that he is Safia’s brother. After touching Alice, Ocean begins to remember her past and Alice’s to Corian, and they don’t understand why Safiya erased some of their memories. The members of Many Arms of Death show up, and Alice and Ocean work together to kill them all and escape. Alice touches Ocean to examine his wounds and remembers them kissing. Ocean also reveals that he has an actual statue of Jack Napier.


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Batwoman airs Sunday at 8:07 p.m. on The CW.

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