X-Men Marvel Comics comes out on the 31st. August 2009 at the St. Louis Strip. Mark in New York.

Power Broker, the third installment of Falcon and the Winter Soldier took Marvel fans to a place that is only mentioned in the MCU, but has a great history in the comics. The fictional Southeast Asian island of Madripur is a hotbed of smugglers, fugitives and criminals, but in the comics it’s just as famous for harboring mutants like Hydra.

While Wandavision teased X-Men fans with the casting of Evan Peters with a possible connection to the non-MCU X-Men film franchise, the second series in the MCU delivered a classic X-Men location. Sam and Bucky’s research into the new super-soldier serum reveals that the duo have teamed up with Baron Zemo, who has an unlikely partnership with Madripur. Marvel fans know the island from such diverse titles as The Avengers, Iron Man and, yes, X-Men.

Crazy starts as X-Men

While fans first caught a glimpse of the island in the MCU, longtime comic book readers have discovered Madripoor in the pages of New Mutants. Since its first appearance in 1985, the work of writer Chris Claremont and illustrator Steve Leyahol has been the setting, if not home, for mutants of all kinds.

Since then, the former pirate city has been home to the team known as X-Men Blue, and even has its own version of the famous X-Mansion. Mystique tried to turn the island into Amsterdam for mutant growth hormones in the All-New X-Men, and Magneto used the island to dig up a time-shifted version of the original X-Men team before they were out of continuity again. And perhaps most interesting for those curious about how the X-Folks will be introduced into the Avengers-dominated franchise, is the island where Captain America was first introduced to Marvel’s most ubiquitous mutant.

In Uncanny X-men #268, Freedom Clockworker star Steve Rogers takes on The Hand, the magical ninja gang created by Frank Miller for the pages of Marvel. On the streets of down town Madripour in 1941, Captain America meets Logan, known to fans as Wolverine through thousands of comic books and nine movies. Written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Jim Lee, this issue is the touchstone for Logan and Cap’s friendship story.

What you can expect

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While Madripur is probably best known for his relationship with eternal fan favorite Logan (and his much less popular son Daken), the island has also been home to many non-mutants. The societies of supervillains seem to have a special affinity for the port city, which is usually portrayed as a lawless center of illegal trade. Over the years, Madripur has been more or less hospitable, not only to Ruka, but also to A.I.M. and Hydra.

With Falcon and the Winter Soldier already immersed in the mythology of Hydra, we’ll likely see this thread deepen. Although Comic Book Hydra has turned the page on its initial kinship with Nazism, its theoretical salute to mutants is rarely reflected in the pages of the comics themselves. The group seems an unlikely vehicle for such a favorable introduction to the MCU, but hopefully X-fans will take a closer look at the Easter Eggs and signs of change with the Falcon and Winter Soldier for sure.

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