Everyone wants their parties to be the perfect ones. You’ll agree with the fact that a party is defined by the music playing at it. If the music is good, you are going to remember the party, and if the music is average, you’ll forget it soon.

To make any Bluetooth speaker party memorable, you have to make sure that the ambience created by music and lights is spot-on. 

Soundcore has the best Bluetooth speakers in store, which give you not only the audio but lights as well. Most of the products are waterproof, allowing you to use them wherever you want.

Following are the top Soundcore products:

Flare 2: 

Flare 2 has 360° audio generated by the exclusive BassUp technology along with dual drivers & passive radiators. All this creates a 20W powerful sound. For lighting, it has a marvellous rainbow light that glows with the rhythm of your music.

The LED halos at the upper and lower side of the speaker illuminate your environment to every corner. It has an IPX7 waterproof casing which enables it to withstand spills etc. It can even resist complete submersion in water for up to half an hour. 

The speaker also uses the PartyCast technology by which you can connect more than one hundred Flare 2 speakers with one device. All across your party area, the lights and sound will be synchronized and you’ll get a thrilling experience. 

To customize the sound, the Flare 2 speaker gives you a complete EQ control and then optimizes the lights according to your mood. There are 6 different lighting modes to choose from. 


This speaker brings you electrifying music through its front-facing 5.25″ woofer & a 2″ tweeter. There is a passive radiator at the back of the speaker, which generates low frequencies. It is powered by our BassUp technology, which analyzes your environment and then tailors the bass according to it. 

It intensifies the bass in such a way that it leaves you with a surreal feeling even after the party. It has an IPX7 waterproof casing that keeps it protected from spills and submersion in water. 

The lights of the speaker are synchronized with the beats. You can choose from the 5 light modes on the SoundCore app. Moreover, you can see the lights flow with each other along with the beats. Moreover, you can make your crowd play games through the app.

 To energize your crowd, choose from the 3 given party games. You can also remix and add sound effects by simply swiping and talking. There are two modes as well, indoor and outdoor. The indoor model has a more balanced sound, while the outdoor one has an intense bass.  

You can also add a SoundCore BeatLight B32 LED light strip to add even more colour to your party. It is an RGB+ light to give a colourful impression of your party and make it look accessorized. The LED strip lights synchronize with the beats of your music.

With these products by SoundCore, you do not need to worry about the atmosphere at your party. These speakers will take your party to a whole new level. You can enjoy the party without worrying about your speakers’ safety. The best part is, you’ll get all these advantages at a budget-friendly price.

 These are the best speakers you can get at low-mid prices. You will get high-quality sound along with ambient lights without having to pay a big amount of money. Soundcore’s modern technology-driven speakers will become your go-to party speakers as soon as you start using them. 

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