Wireless, noise-free, best quality earbuds are needed by every person who loves music. Convincing working and features of the earbuds will make these earbuds your favourite. 

Here are some wireless earbuds with brief detail and the best user experience:

Liberty Air 2 Pro 

  • Pure Sound

To listen to pure music in the truly wireless earbuds, choose the customizable options from the Soundcore application. You can switch between multiple modes and enhance or decrease audio according to your environment. 


The PureNote Driver technology of truly wireless earbuds provides a 45 % boost to bass and enhances the quality of sound. The exclusive clarity of sound and accuracy make these earbuds incredible.

  • Battery Life 

From a single charge, you can use the earbuds for seven hours. You can get almost 26 hours of playtime with earbuds if you use the charging case. The pocket-friendly case fits perfectly in your bag and provides hassle-free usage. Charge through a USB-C cable for 15 minutes and you can get three hours of playtime.

Spirit X2

  • Bass

BassTurbo of Spirit X2 adds the acoustic chamber behind corresponding drivers that ultimately intensify bass. Using a custom algorithm, BassUp technology enhances the bass and provides an incredible audio experience. The bass technology of these earbuds resembles high-end speakers.

  • Comfort

With the extra flexible ear tips, the spirit X2 will fit perfectly onto your ear. It ensures a satisfactory fit, easy air passage, water-resistance and workout friendly performance. It comes along with extra ear tips so you can choose the best fit. 

The air wings are also available in the box of the earbuds. These silicone ear tips and airwing will make sure that you enjoy the audio with a perfect fit.


Life Dot 2

  • Extreme playtime 

With surprising 1000 hours of playtime, Life Dot 2 has extreme playtime. The charging case of Life Dot 2 has four times more capable of charging as compared to other cases. It extends the playtime for eight hours every time you charge. The best battery timing of Life dot 2 among almost all the other earbuds would leave its stance.

  • Better Connectivity

Effortless switching between both or single earbuds is available in Life Dot 2. Easy switching allows you to listen to audio without disturbance. The pairing and connectivity are the plus points of these earbuds.


 You can connect to the paired device automatically. It allows you to connect with the previously paired device automatically when you remove it from the case. 


The proprietary Soundcore Push and Go technology provides this facility and make sure a hassle-free audio experience. The best experience of battery life and best connectivity features make these earbuds the best.

Soundcore App

To delve into more detail about each product of Soundcore, download the application of Soundcore on your smartphone. The Soundcore official website provides the facility to order your favourite products online. You can check the specs of each product from enough detail on the website.


There are multiple eye-catching colour ranges for each earbud. You can select your favourite one. From the application of soundcore, you are enabled to personalize the voice control and management of Bluetooth and EQ modes which are quite diverse.


You can also avail of some discounts during the holiday season. If you love to work out or are a sportsman, Spirit Dot 2 earphones will be best for you. The affordable prices of almost all of the Soundcore earphones will fit into your budget. 


Check out the website. Order the Soundcore earphones that fit your budget best. And you’ll get them without any compromise on the top-quality features.



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