ATASCADERO – The city council of Atascadero discussed Tuesday 10. November, the housing plan and made some important decisions regarding the square of Atascadero Mall, which is part of the shopping center. It will be built on a plot of land south of La Plaza, which is currently under construction.

The Board unanimously approved Kirk Construction’s $819,344 offer to build the Mall Plaza shopping center and instructed the City Manager to implement two of the five austerity measures submitted to the Board. The Atascadero Mall Plaza project is the third phase of the reconstruction and rebirth of the city centre of Atascadero. He works together with the improvement plan for the city centre and the development of La Plaza and neighbourhood shops.

According to the Council’s agenda, the Atascadero Mall Plaza was designed as a multifunctional public space with an open and shaded structure, closely linked to the new development of the Plaza and the El Camino Real corridor in the city centre.

Mall Plaza was originally part of a conditional building permit for La Plaza. However, in early 2019 it became clear that the costs of the Mall Plaza shopping centre would exceed the expected costs of the La Plaza project, which became an obstacle to the execution of the project itself. This has prompted the city to look for new ideas.

The 26th. In March 2019, the Council revised two new draft plans for Mall Plaza, one with a large pergola and one without, and agreed to move the city forward with a park concept with a pergola.

The new shopping mall plaza concept also defined eight fundamental design requirements in the pre-procedure, including maintaining the visibility of the town hall from Highway 101, maintaining visibility across the site and through the tunnel to reduce temporary activity, and providing large concrete surfaces for events.

In June of this year, the Board of Directors approved an amount of USD 475,000 for the reference period. USD to Parkland Impact Fee Funds to finance the construction of the Mall Plaza shopping centre.

Above you can see a streetscape and a glimpse of Mall Plaza Shopping Centre.

The preferred design in March 2019 was to approve the conceptual plan, and the final project did not start until the second half of 2019, according to Nick DeBar, director of Public Works. The final project includes the preparation of building plans and a more detailed cost estimate. The estimate of $475,000 was based on an increase in design and construction costs for this type of work.

On Tuesday evening, the city’s staff brought in the final designs for Mall Plaza and, based on the cost of the budget, prepared a proposal analysis that included all the cost elements of the proposal from all contractors. This was done to see if the small items in the offer were disproportionately influenced.

The City concluded that without a review of the project the application would not be substantially reduced and presented these five options to the Council.

Options included removing the pavilion from the centre of the hall, replacing concrete with asphalt, replacing the proposed low concrete seats along the southern curb (between La Rosa and the project), replacing the compacted concrete of the slipform masonry plasters in line with the aesthetics of the city centre, and removing the small decorative fence that separates the company from the Mall Plaza on the north side.

After careful consideration, the Council agreed to remove the seat wall, which should have bypassed the landing areas, in favour of a bench and everything else, and to remove the fence which would have been placed along the northern perimeter and replace it with easily removable soils.

It is estimated that removing the seat walls will save $75,000, while the fence will save $15,000.

Originally, the Council was divided on the use of brick slipform pavers or stamped concrete. Mayor Heather Moreno, Alderman Robert Fonzi and Alderman Heather Newsome spoke out in favour of preserving a kind of brick that would unify the inner city area without the need for maintenance.

Councillors Charles Bourbaud and Susan Funk initially preferred stamped and painted concrete, which would have saved between $30,000 and $45,000, but for no great reason.

The project started on the 7th day of the week. August. Eight tenders were received, of which the two best came from local construction companies, Kirk Construction and Wysong Construction Co.

Kirk Construction offered the lowest total price of $819,344. According to the city of Atasquadero, an additional $616,700 will come from the city’s last Parkland Impact Fiti Foundation, which currently stands at about $700,000.

The City Council has also approved the final draft plan for the new housing component and will present it by the end of the year.

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