Biggest ACC game in five years, BYU’s ascent and college football’s newest heel


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Remember when we thought Clemenson-Miami was the big game for CCR at the beginning of this season? It’s almost ridiculous now that we have Clemson’s number one opposite Notre Dame’s number four on Saturday.

It still seems strange – Notre Dame may have been playing most of the CCA since the 2016 game between Clemson Deshawn Watson and Louisville Lamar Jackson.

The involvement of Notre Dame in the CCA has been one of the biggest parts of the university football season, the need to keep the conference schedule on track in a world affected by coronaviruses. The Irish are now the biggest threat to Clemson at the CCA in the past five years – yes, that’s a low bar – as Notre Dame enters the game with a real chance of surviving the shock after 131 years of non-conference football.

The absence of Trevor Lawrence in this game will be a frequent topic of conversation. Get ready for the following dishes in this game in which you do not need to invest too much money: If Notre Dame wins, Lawrence’s absence brings him into disrepute. If he loses, they’ll say the Irish are worse than we all thought.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Notre Dame has not played with that many players in a long time. Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire on Getty Images.

But Clemonson is still one of the most talented teams in the country, as D.J. proves. Onion galley (a four-star rookie and the best pocket compass in its class) comes into the game to move on.

The Tigers also have Travis Etienne, who made 224 yards and two touchdowns last week.

The biggest question for this game? How can Notre Dame get so angry. The draw is likely to be quite traditional – the Irish KB Ian Book will have to limit its speed, while the defence will have to make Uiagalelei look like a rookie and support Etienne. Although this last statement is more proof of Etienne’s skill than a blow to the defense of Notre Dame, grade 8 SP+.

Historically Notre Dame did not play well in these matches under head coach Brian Kelly. The Irish 3-8 against the AR-Team Top-10.

The stakes are also higher for Notre Dame than Clemson. It is unlikely that the voters in the university football play-offs will punish the Tigers for losing the top five team without Lawrence.

For Notre Dame, this is probably the biggest home game since the infamous Bush Push against RSC in 2005. In addition to the victory of the conference at the end of the season, a victory on Saturday would be the biggest achievement of the short Irish stay at the ACC. That would be a dumping ground for years of talks during their lonely conference season.

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On the third. In October 2015, Clemonson saw a strong return of Notre Dame. The Irish warriors and the tigers meet again in week 10.

F&A meeting day

BYU – 7:0 and a discussion about the play-off room. Of course he didn’t come back in August this season. We met with Isaiah Kaufushi, Senior Linebacker (and Senior Sniper), to find out how the Panthers are managing the growth of their meteorites in 2020 and their confrontation with Boise State on Saturday.

ESPN: When the calendar ended and the season ended in August, did you ever imagine that you would be in that position now?

Buyers: Basically, yes. I’ve seen all the work we’ve done and all the ups and downs. And here at BYU, as independents and with all protocols, these guys – teammates and coaches – were dragged through the mud. They scrapped the game plan, gave up training, but there was no game on the schedule, there were just so many ups and downs that we had to face as a team. But all these off-season years we have prepared and worked and we have the chemistry in the team. I knew we had something big and special.

ESPN: Given the heated playoff discussions between Zack Wilson and the QB in a Heisman mix, is this attention good for you, or are you trying to put it aside?

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Buyers: It helped us a lot. If you get a lot of advertising of this type, it can rotate in two directions. This can help you improve or make the boys lose their minds. I think our boys did a good job, especially Zach. He stood in a ton of waiting lists and the whole Heisman breed, he stood up and was able to perform at a higher level. It touches us all, we get a lot of praise all over the country and we let it feed us.

ESPN: How realistic do you think this playoff conversation is? For controllers that are not part of the Power 5, the field will always be thin.

Buyers: It’s good to think about it and make it a goal. In any case, we talked about what we want to achieve, what we can achieve, i.e. our potential. But we can’t go to point B without going through point A, and one small mistake means that our goals could disappear. As you can see, even in film screenings, after relatively good practices, we find something we can improve.

ESPN: His coach talked about a rivalry with the state of Boise. Do you feel a little normal to fight this huge battle against a trusted opponent in a season that wasn’t quite typical?

Buyers: You have to show Boise their respect and set the right course. They have to come prepared and we are at a disadvantage because the week is short, both because of the game of Friday and because of the [non-functional] elections. So there are certainly more urgent cases, because we don’t want to apologize.

What’s worth it?

On Dan Mullen’s heels: Remember the most interesting thing you could say about Mullen was that he danced like your father? It seems that the coach of Florida has taken on the role of the villain – he has stirred controversy over the desire to have a busy stadium for the LSU game (later postponed), postponed the Missouri players after a late goal in his QB that earned him a league penalty, and then dressed up as Darth Vader for his Halloween press conference in the final embrace of the dark side. Of course, it is not the first time in this series that a cute coach becomes a villain. It was Mark Richt who sent his team to the end zone after the TD, which finally ended Georgia’s suffering against their rivals in 2007. So what will Mullen do to strengthen his reputation as the most diabolical coach in the sport? The man from Florida is always full of surprises.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Dan Mullen hasn’t been afraid to create small differences lately. John Rau/AP picture

Indiana and Northwest 3-0: We are in 2020 and nothing makes sense anymore. Why don’t you make real Indiana and Northwestern Big Ten? Last week, the Hoosiers eliminated Penn State, last week they eliminated the Rutgers, and now they have a Michigan home team trying to score 3-0 in a conference game for the first time since 1988. The northwest started well after hitting Maryland and then Upper Iowa. The Wildcats reached 3-0 in the Big Ten for the first time since 2000, after beating Nebraska this week. If the Northwest wins, it’s because the big ten want Nebraska. Why is everyone so rude to those poor horns? Anyway, if you’re still standing, Big 12, shoot Nebraska with a line. He’s been thinking about you lately. It would be good to make up for lost time.

The Luftwaffe can keep the trophy of the supreme commander under lock and key. The army is an easy favourite, which makes sense given the 6-1 record, but the army’s schedule is a bit tight. The Black Knights defeated three AGV teams and three of the worst teams in the FBS – MTSU, ULM and UTSA. The Air Force is a much bigger problem, although its list is exhausted. The falcons have already defeated the navy, and the rising army within the navy will receive its first trophy in 2016. We’re still looking for cosmic forces on the calendar.

Hello, Pak-12: It took a long time, but this fall the Pac-12 is finally playing soccer. Currently, Oregon and USC are two separate teams participating in the conference, and because their schedules are shorter than those of the other teams and there is a risk of postponement or cancellation of matches, we can quickly determine if anyone has a real chance of winning a college tournament. Of course Pac-12 football is a reason to stay up late (if you’re not on the West Coast) and watch online football with friends. We’ll all feel at home with this late start.

Let’s talk about Rutgers: The Scarlet Knights are ahead 1-1 this season with a victory over Michigan. It’s okay, but you have to admit it’s funny. This week Rutgers likes to travel to Columbus and play in Ohio, where he hasn’t felt so good since joining the Big Ten. There will probably be another victory for the State of Ohio, but in the first year of Greg Schiano’s return, it is interesting to note how Rutgers will see (or not see) the State of Ohio differently, where he was defense coordinator from 2016 to 2018.

The Georgian attack on Florida: This weekend the world’s largest open-air cocktail party will take place and both fan clubs are nervous for obvious reasons. The only game both parties have to keep a close eye on is how to deal with the Georgian attack. In the passive game against Kentucky, after a week of defeat in Alabama, they did nothing, and Zamir White generally rushed 136 yards. In a world where even Nick Saban has admitted that a good defense no longer benefits from a good attack, Georgia will have to show more this Saturday against the Florida defense, which showed an improvement against Missouri.

Reader to view

Lyles: Oregon EN Caivon Thibodeaux

Thibodeaux came to Oregon and immediately hit the state last year when he replaced Gus Cumberlander with an injury. He has recorded 10.5 of his 14 lost shots and 6.5 of his nine bags in the last six games and you can expect him to be the best defensive back this season. Thibodeaux was the best player on ESPN 300 2019, so his products were no surprise. But the possibilities are limitless, and Stanford will hear about it on Saturday.

Hale: Georgia Corner Tyson Campbell

Could Georgia win a shooting in Florida? Bulldogs would probably rather not know. That means there’s a lot of pressure on the UGA subgroup to try and take on the incredibly talented alligators – a task that will be much harder without the safety of Richard Leconte’s stars. Eric Stokes is one of the best closing corners in the country, but last month after losing to Alabama, Mac Jones and Tide Campbell made a successful start to the game, scoring five out of six 148-metre goals and a touchdown. Given the problems of imbalance created by the narrow tip of Kyle Pitts and the desire to exert enough pressure to destabilize Kyle Trask, the dogs must be able to tie Campbell to the island and ensure that she is held more evenly than against the current.

Gift game of the week

Lyles: West Virginia versus Texas

Both teams have had their ups and downs this season. The Longhorns won a big victory over Oklahoma in overtime (41:34), while the climbers beat Kansas (37:10). As Texas Keontey Ingram came back with his sprained ankle, this could be the perfect game for West Virginia to fly across the street in Austin. The main battle in this battle is the defense of Texas (39th in the FBS) against Leddy Brown, eighth in a hurry and seventh in touchdown. This is one of those games that can lose your attention with a number of other games, but can waste your time.

Hale: Freedom in Virginia technology

No wonder there’s only one ranking in this game. It’s a little shocking that the team we’re talking about is freedom. The fire was 6-0 and the last four victories yielded 92 points. The Malik Willis CB is one of the most dynamic double threats in the country, with nine TDs passing by and another six on the ground, walking with a single stone. But it is also worth mentioning that Liberty’s program is anything but impressive. His five FBS rivals this year are 4-26. Virginia Tech is a real challenge. Hockey has scored 40 points in four of its six games this season, with Khalil Herbert leading the country in the team games. If Liberty can get rid of the problem, it will be a potentially decisive victory for the program, but the Hawkeys are still aiming for the big season itself.

Weekly offence

Lyles: Indiana via Michigan

The hosers are on the wolverine, but they have dogs with three points in the house. What can we expect from Wolverine after the explosion in Minnesota and the loss to the state of Michigan? The same can be said of Indiana, because frankly we are talking about Indiana and football. But this team of Hoosiers had fun and built the 2019 season, which was one of the best in the history of the program. In September, Buy More Michael Penix Jr. said the Hoosiers would shock people in 2020 and so far he is right. I’ll take him at his word for Saturday.

Hale: Stand-on-Oregon

Think of it as a bowl of your choice for 2020. Oregon was just as impressed as the other four protagonists who decided to leave the season, including striker Penay Sewell. Stanford also lost two of his best players when Walker Little and Paulson Adebo resigned. So what’s left? That’s a good question. Stanford has his QB game with Davis Mills, who played well last season when he was in good health. Oregon has a more important question about the most important position on the field, namely that the final decision about the starter – Anthony Brown or Tyler Shaw – is still in the air. The Ducks should still be strong, but Stanford suffered bad luck and cruel injuries during last year’s recession season, and we think the Cardinal feels a little excited when he’s working on a can opener.

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