FRISCO, Texas — For the third time in so many off-season seasons, the long-term signing of quarterback Roof Prescott is the top priority for the Dallas Cowboys.

This did not happen in 2019, when he gambled away his starter contract and embezzled $90 million in guaranteed money for a base salary of $2 million.

That didn’t happen in 2020 when he decided to play a season for a $31.4 million deductible and beat the $110 million guaranteed deal.

The Cowboys and Prescott claim to have the same goal: a long-term commitment. Despite the disappointment that no agreement was reached, these negotiations could not lead to bitterness.

But will the third time finally be the right one?

Let’s look at the present and future of the Cowboys and Prescott.

When can the Cowboys and Prescott start trading?

Right away. When Prescott didn’t respond to the Cowboys’ multi-year bid for 15th place, it had no trouble deciding. In June 2020, when he signed up, he had to play a season with the tag. According to the franchise rules, the parties could not hold discussions or conclude a new contract before the end of the 2020 season. With the loss in week 17 to the New York Giants, the Cowboys’ season ended 6-10.

Coach Mike McCarthy said Prescott’s recovery is on track after a fracture and sprained right ankle that required surgery in October.

Are you in a hurry to make a deal?

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Right now? No, not really. These negotiations do not necessarily have to start at the beginning, as both parties know – or at least should know – the position of the other.

The Cowboys want all the details on how the coronavirus pandemic will affect the competition’s $175 million salary ceiling. From 2020, the Cowboys will have to move more than $20 million worth of unused workspace. They prepared for the Prescott cap by restructuring the contracts of offensive linesmen Tyrone Smith and Zach Martin and defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence.

With owner and CEO Jerry Jones on the board of directors of NFL, the Cowboys must have a clear vision of the finances for 2021. Dallas should be able to make an agreement without fear of problems.

Is there a problem with the duration of the Prescott agreement?

Yeah, the biggest problem is probably the duration of the contract. The Cowboys wanted a deal for at least five years. Agent Todd France wanted a four-year agreement with Prescott to get the quarterback back on the market as soon as possible, especially in the hope that the league’s new TV agreements could lead to a sharp increase in the salary ceiling.

This is still an open question, but so is the lower salary scale, which makes it a bit more difficult to juggle with the franchise label.

Maybe the Cowboys offer a long contract, say six years, which can be up to four years. They could have prolonged the hat’s success in the first two seasons and given Prescott a chance to get to market earlier.

Mr Prescott could probably have agreed to a five-year contract if the Cowboys had agreed not to apply the franchise label to him at the end of the contract. That doesn’t seem like a very important question, because if Prescott hasn’t won a Super Bowl by then, will the Cowboys leave with him as a starter for a second decade?

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Adam Schefter describes the plot around the future of Dak Prescott and says that this will be the most exciting story for him in the upcoming off-season.

Mr Jones confirmed on Tuesday that Mr Prescott was in a good position to discuss the contracts.

I don’t know how you can exert any more influence, Jones said at 105.3 Fan… …his transformation into an NFL quarterback was perfect. I think he has a great ability to win races. He’s good. He certainly has the experience, and he’s validated everything we’ve offered Roof. You wouldn’t have offered Duck what we offered him in the past if you didn’t think he was special. Here’s the problem: How do we get together? And I’m no stranger to it. I’ve been doing this all my life to make it right. We’ve got to pull ourselves together.

What does the BQ market look like?

I’m fine. I’m fine. Last year the Cowboys were faced with the possibility that Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson would sign long-term agreements with their teams, which could have affected Prescott’s figures.

Mahomes signed a $503 million contract with the Kansas City Chiefs over 10 years. Watson signed a four-year, $156 million extension with the Houston Texans. The Cowboys’ offer to Prescott last June averaged $34.5 million a year and included a signing bonus of $50 million. The guaranteed cash offer was $110 million.

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The Cleveland Browns (Baker Mayfield), the New York Jets (Sam Darnold), the Buffalo Bills (Josh Allen) and the Baltimore Ravens (Lamar Jackson) were all able to offer their quarterbacks mega-contracts this season. Of the four, Jackson, the most valuable player of the League in 2019, and Allen could have a more direct impact on the market. There are no free, veteran agents to get a top prospect like Prescott.

A deal in the order of $35 to $40 million a year now seems to be on its way.

What about the chances of obtaining another franchise?

It’s possible. Teams can join the franchise from the age of 23. Until February 9th. The march applies to the players.

The Cowboys might want to use the day in Prescott again to assess his health, because Dallas won’t know for sure until the QB leaves for training camp. If the Cowboys choose a second label in a row, it will cost them $37.7 million. Given the threat of cap restrictions, this is a significant number, but a long-term agreement would have a cap of over $30 million in the first year anyway.

When the Cowboys return to the beacon route, the question is whether Prescott will show up for a voluntary off-season program. He did not participate in a virtual off-season program last year after being scored, although he did train on the lawn with running backs, wide receivers and tight ends.

The Cowboys may score and trade Prescott, but the quarterback should sign a tender first. The Cowboys could allow France to make a deal, which should be good.

The second day again increases the possibility that 2021 will be the last season for Prescott with the Cowboys. Kirk Cousins played for two years as a franchise player on the Washington soccer team in 2016 and 2017 and signed with the Minnesota Vikings in 2018.

If the Cowboys wanted to use the tag for the third time in 2022, it would cost $54.2 million.

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Damien Woody says the Cowboys have the worst attack in the NFL since Dak Prescott was fired and says it’s time for things to change in Dallas.

Do the Cowboys use a first round pick on a QB if they don’t trade?

They never talk to the Cowboys. Like Jones said: It’s not because he’s saying something that it’s true. If the Cowboys have expressed a desire to keep Prescott until they actually do, everything stays on the table.

The Cowboys never predicted they would get a chance to pull the big CeeDee Lamb receiver in the first round last spring, but they are glad he fell on them. They can make it 10. Choosing for 2021 in the first round of the selection? Or maybe not.

However, the Cowboys need to take care of their defense, and using a first-round pick on a quarterback doesn’t make much sense unless Prescott is back on the line and plans to get rid of him after 2021.

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