Former Paso Robles City Planner Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with Bagpipe Tour •

If you hear the inevitable bagpipes next week, don’t worry: you haven’t walked between standing stones and been transported to Scotland. Although, I think I’m okay with it.

In the weeks leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, Ed Gallagher plays traditional Irish tunes on the bagpipes in Paso Robles for the second year in a row.

of 1. In March, Gallagher began his bagpipe tour by traveling to a different location or the Paso Robles area on certain days of the week, starting at about 5 p.m.

Gallagher learned to play the bagpipes about 19 years ago and has been doing so for several years now in the neighborhood and in Paso Robles City Park on St. Patrick’s Day and even at Christmas.

When I was 52, I thought, you know what, let’s try it – it was probably one of the hardest instruments I’ve ever had to deal with, Gallagher said.

Ed Gallagher can be heard playing traditional Irish tunes on bagpipes in Paso Robles.

According to Gallager, who already has a love of music and plays guitar, there are more moving parts to watch out for when playing the bagpipes.

The Highland bagpipe has been used in Scotland since the 15th century. Century played. Moreover, the bagpipe was used as an instrument of war to inspire the Highlanders when they went to war.

Throughout Scotland the bagpipe was played on special occasions and later began to replace the harp as the music of the clans.

Gallagher is considered an advanced piper, and as impressive as his pipes sound, he says he can still hear every mistake he makes.

As a child, Gallagher was a seal and moved around a lot. When his family lived in Upland, California, Gallagher was introduced to the bagpipes.

Apland High School is home to the Highlanders and had its own pipe band, which, as Mr Gallagher recalls, consisted only of female pipers at the time.

At the time, Gallagher remembers playing football with his friends in the neighborhood and the bagpiper was always around to play the bagpipes. Gallagher and his friends followed the bagpiper, watching and listening to him play.

And ever since, the idea of learning to play the bagpipes has remained in Gallagher’s mind. It took several years, lessons and a bagpipe camp in Flagstaff, Arizona, but Gallagher eventually learned to play the bagpipes.

Gallagher worked as a city planner for the City of Paso Robles for 31 years. Gallagher retired in 2014 and Warren Frace took over as director of community development for the city of Paso Robles.

Ed Gallagher remembers playing football with friends in the neighborhood, and the bagpiper going through the neighborhood playing the bagpipes.

Before joining the city of Paso Robles, Gallagher spent four years in the U.S. Navy.

Some of the songs Gallagher plays are Danny Boy, Rooks Mallow, Mo Gile Mor (My Big Hero), Four Green Fields, Slane (Be My Vision) and Delivery to Boston.

Only once in my history have I had, please don’t do this, Gallagher said.

Gallagher had planned a trip to Scotland last year, but it seems to have been postponed. However, Gallagher hopes to travel to Scotland this year and plans to bring his bagpipes to play some tunes in a country where the bagpipe is the national instrument.

Gallagher has made three trips to Ireland in the past, where he was able to play his bagpipes.

The best place in my memory was at the top of Cadillac Mountain in Bar Harbor Main. We were there on Columbus Day 2011. The most important thing about Cadillac Mountain is to see the sunrise. This is the first place in the United States where the lights come on at this time of year, Gallagher said.

As Gallagher walks through the neighborhood pipes, doors open and people come out to take pictures and ask the neighbors questions: What’s this? All with smiles on their faces.

Even during the pandemic, some people join Mr Gallagher and follow him, just as he followed the first bagpiper as a child who inspired him to carry on the tradition, at a safe distance of course.

Below are the other dates and places you can see Gallagher playing the bagpipes:

  • Fr. 12. March at 5:00.
    • Turtle Creek Park on Brookhill Drive.
  • Sat. March 13 at 12 am
  • Sun. 14. March at 3pm.
    • Mandella Park, off Fairview Lane
  • Marriage. 17. March, 5:00.
    • Rosemary Drive, Catherine Drive and Ginger Lane.

This is the only time in my history that I said, please don’t do this, Gallagher.


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