WWE superstar The Miz wins the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber

‘Genius’ acquisition for the A-Lister (Photo: WWE).

The Elimination Chamber shockingly showed The Miz cashing in his bank account and pinning Drew McIntyre for the World Cup.

The Scottish psychopath went through hell that night after entering one of society’s most impressive and dangerous environments. He defeated five former world champions to retain the gold.

But Miz – who withdrew from the chamber race on Raw because of his guaranteed chance at the title – pulled off another great coup to start his second race to the top.

It was an exclamation point on fantastic pay-per-view television and a stellar main event that began with longtime rivals Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton in the middle of the crowd.

The match was filled with fantastic references to the shared history of six opponents – including Kofi Kingston, Sheamus and AJ Styles, the latter having been eliminated.

In a particularly brilliant moment, Phenomenal Omo’s assistant ripped the door off his pod to help him get in early to try to take advantage of Randy Orton’s RKO party, despite being fired backstage by WWE official Adam Pierce.

Although the surprise many expected from “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt failed to materialize, the company kept fans interested by bringing McIntyre’s second race for the world championship to a shocking conclusion.

After Miz – who also had trouble cooking Bad Bunny – was spotted backstage with MVP, it was only natural that Bobby Lashley of Hurt Business would be involved.

The former U.S. champion – who had previously lost his own title to Riddle – eventually destroyed a severely weakened Drew, paving the way for Mr. Argent on the bench to cash in the title and steal the gold.

Daniel Bryan wins, Roman Reigns benefits, and Edge books a ticket to WrestleMania.

The WWE launched the elimination chamber with seriousness by hosting a big match in the hellish structure.

Daniel Bryan and Cesaro began a duel with the rest of the group, and the action built, with everyone playing their roles perfectly.

Sami Zayn was the comic cement that held the match together as he showed off his skills, and the six men did more than enough with some innovative moments.

It was a duel between Bryan and Jay Uso, which the former won, giving him a chance at the world championship, which happened much earlier than expected when Roman Reigns came on board.

Spiritual Bryan engaged in a brief battle, but in the end the tribal chieftain brilliantly strangled his opponent on the cheap to continue his rise to WrestleMania.

The real shock was yet to come when Edge appeared out of nowhere to hit the Dukes with his spear and make his intentions known after winning the Royal Rumble last month.

The second race, which was worth watching, was a very entertaining sprint. Bobby Lashley, Riddle and John Morrison – Keith Lee’s replacement after the kickoff victory – put on a great display.

In the end, even MVP and his crutch could not help the CEO of Hurt Business as Original Brother used weapons and pinned JoMo to win the title.

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The Women’s Tag Team Championship match also featured – but not to the same extent – Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair, who looked strong but lost to Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler when Reginald’s failed interference cost them dearly.

It’s also a good thing, because EAST WWE and Legit Boss don’t need the tag titles to be a distraction, while the bands themselves shouldn’t be involved in another feud.

Results and evaluations of EWE’s rapid reaction rooms

  • ‘Roman Reigns’ shooting range: Daniel Bryan won over Jay Uso, Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and King Corbin (A+).
  • Overall title: Roman Reigns (c) won by Daniel Bryan (A- for the entire segment).
  • Title USA: Riddle defeated John Morrison and Bobby Lashley (c) (B+).
  • Women’s tag team titles: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler (c) defeat Sasha Banks and Bianca Behler after entering Reginald (B-).
  • WWE Title Elimination Chamber: Drew McIntyre (c) retained by AJ Styles, Sheamus, Jeff Hardy, Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton (A)
  • WWE Title: Miz cashes in against Drew McIntyre (c) to win gold (A for the entire segment).

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PLUS: The giant Omos opens the waste room with his bare hands.

WWE Elimination Chamber: Keith Lee withdrew from the main match and was replaced during the kickoff show.


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