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Tamper Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady showed the form that earned him six Super Bowl titles with the New England Patriots in his last two losses after a disastrous performance in the 20-19 losses to the Chicago Bears. Brady, 43, recovered from that disappointing loss by scoring two touchdowns in week 6 on his 38-10 Green Bay Packers run. Five touchdowns followed in a 45-20 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders, who saw the team finish 5-2 in the NFC South Rankings. Brady had a difficult start to the season, scoring only three touchdowns with the same number of interceptions, making people wonder if he really fits in the attack that head coach Bruce Arians organized in Tampa Bay.

Brady proves critics wrong about

But Brady proved the critics wrong: In the next five games, where the Buccaneers won 4-1, he made 15 touchdown passes and made only one interception. In that five-game period, Brady played two games with five touchdowns, including five assists coming from behind – a victory over the Los Angeles Chargers. Brady now has 1910 passing yards and 18 touchdowns with four best scores this season, third after seven games.

Brady’s astounding numbers prompted analysts to put him in an interview with young quarterbacks Patrick Mahomez of the Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens for the Most Valuable Player award. Moreover, Brady’s speech was a speech by a stubborn critic, Max Kellerman, who apologized for the cliff theory he had put forward a few years ago.

He said the veteran quarterback’s performance was deteriorating and his best years were over.

Gronck weighsin Brady’s excellent season.

But for his old teammate Rob Gronkowski, who is firmly on his feet, Brady’s excellent performance this season comes as no surprise. It’s no surprise, Gronkowski said about Brady’s performance, according to a report by Rick Straud of the Tampa Bay Times.

Gronkowski played nine seasons with Brady in the New England Patriots before returning to Tampa Bay this season. According to Gronkowski, he has seen Brady’s work ethic and the way he holds his body in the form of fingertips with his own eyes. I see it happening and it’s just incredible, says Gronkowski, who has benefited from Brady’s excellent game in terms of personal statistics.

In his first two games against the Buccaneers Gronkowski limited himself to two strokes from four goals and 11 meters. In his next five games against the Buccaneers, he registered 20 strokes at 269 yards and two points on 32 targets. Gronkowski’s revival gave the Bookrunners an additional offensive threat, in addition to their broadband receivers Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Scotty Miller. The Buccaneers will look to maintain the momentum of their two-game winning streak when they play the New York Giants on Sunday, where they are the favorites with 10 points in the betting league, according to USA Today.

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