Kim Kardashian was arrested at gunpoint in 2016 during a shocking and traumatic robbery during a holiday in Paris. After this terrible situation Kim stopped wearing a lot of her expensive and shiny jewelry on her social media accounts. Four years later she seems to be feeling a little more comfortable, after she recently showed an incredible 27-carat black opal necklace for an NPP beauty ad. Although the gemstone in a necklace looks green, it is a black opal, because this term is used for opals with different dark shades. A great necklace from Lorraine Shwartz, a good friend of Kim, who has made many pieces for celebrities, from Beyonce to Kim Kardashian to Mariah Carey.

The fans were surprised to see Kim in her jewelry and she was absolutely gorgeous. Not only the black opal with 37 carats, but also a diamond, standing directly above the opal, pear-shaped and weighing 40 carats. The jewels were absolutely beautiful on a beautiful 40-year-old woman, mother of four. Kim wore jewelry to announce the contest she had just before Halloween.

Jordyn Woods said her CarJenner drama looked like cancer.

Below is a picture of Kim Kardashian in the Lorraine Schwartz necklace.

*GIVEAWAY * We hand out the Opalescent Collection PR-boxes to four winners! The registration regulations of our GI brochure. The contest ends at 11:59 PDT on Thursday, 10:29, and the winners will be on Friday morning, 10:30, DM d to pick up their prize. You have to be in the United States and over 18 years old to enter.

– KKV Beauty (@kkwbeauty) 25. October 2020

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Kim’s recent deal with her former bodyguard may explain why she is wearing her luxurious jewellery again in social media.

Kim sued her former bodyguard, Pascal Duvier of Protect Security, and Balali Investments for $6.1 million after she was brutally arrested, bound and chained against her will when five men attacked her in a machine gun room. Now that she has settled down and is wearing jewellery on social media, it seems she has left a terrible incident and is moving on with her life.

State of Kim Kardashian With regard to the recent Kimono scandal, she had only innocent intentions.

You can see Kim Kardashian in her necklace during the photo and video recording below.

The shades are strong, bright and energetic, and it was important that they were versatile enough for everyday use or that they could be applied as a layer for a saturated and glamorous look – @KimKardashian. The exclusive boutique of the #Opalescent Collection is now available at

– KKV Beauty (@kkwbeauty) 22. October 2020

What do you think about Kim Kardashian wearing Lorraine Schwartz’s jewellery? Have you noticed that after the Paris robbery, the reality TV star and beauty magnate no longer wear jewellery?

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