Today’s episode of Supernatural marks what series co-star Andrew Dubb has called the legendary final episode, with a unique, more traditional episode that will appear in the finals of the series. No wonder most of Sam and Dean Winchester’s shows with Chuck/God took place in this episode. It was a long journey, with unexpected guests, but in the end Sam, Dean and Chuck fought a surprisingly cruel battle. Many questions remain unanswered after the World Heritage Events and most of them will not be answered before the end of the Carry On series that will be airborne next week.

But the nature of last season is such that West Coast fans – or old fans who haven’t signed up for the series for a long time – are very interested in how the latest episodes unfold. In preparation for the finals of the series next week the big fireworks were like this.

Spoilers ahead for Inheritance Earth, the penultimate episode of today’s Supernatural.

The episode of course started with the death of everyone on the planet except Sam (Jared Padaleki), Dean (Jensen Eccles) and Jack (Alexander Calvert). Shortly afterwards they discovered that Michael (Jake Abel) was still alive and recruited him to help think about the murder of his father (Rob Benedict). The Book of Death on God was the key to each of their plans, but no one, not even Michael, could open it to read, because it was designed to be opened only by death.

In an amazing tour de force, Lucifer (Marc Pellegrino) appeared with the Grim Reaper in tow and managed to turn the Grim Reaper into a dead man in Billy’s absence. She opened the book, and after the fight in which Lucifer betrayed Michael and the Winchesters, Sam took her to the bottom of the People’s Letters bunker and came back with a plan. They had to cast the spell at a certain time and place, and when they arrived their spell was stopped by Chuck.

A fight has begun here. Using his divine powers, he destroyed Michael and threw Jack aside like an insect. Then he started killing the Winchesters and decided to do it with his bare hands to increase the drama. The couple got beaten up and got up as much as they could until Jack finally showed up again.

It turns out that Jack acted as a kind of power vacuum that sucked up all kinds of life and space forces, including those consumed during the battle of Lucifer and Michael, the death of Lucifer and Michael, and the long beating that Chuck inflicted on the Winchesters. With all this power, he is able to resist what Chuck has taken out of existence and even steal Chuck’s powers and make him impotent and deadly.

Chuck, who sees the enormous potential of the plot here, more or less agrees, because he doesn’t see what’s going to happen, and moreover it would be a kind of honor to be killed by one of the Winchesters. But they pass him by and leave him alone to grow old and die and be forgotten.

The final of the Supernatural series will be broadcasted next Thursday at 21.00 hours. ET/PT on CW, after a special look at the duration of the series, which will be broadcast at 8 pm.

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