Lianne on her way to the coronation

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Leanne Buttersby (Jane Danson) had broken her heart on Coronation Street tonight (November 14) when Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) refused to support her appeal after the judge decided that Oliver’s life support measures would be lifted.

The episode of today’s ITV soap series is a special one-hour section dedicated exclusively to Oliver’s story.

The day Lianna feared had come because the judge had made a decision after an exhausting week in court.

Leanne, Steve and Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) met when the judge described the difficulties of the case in detail, like Oliver’s case.

She also talked about the fact that we can’t tell if Oliver is still alive – which, of course, was in the note with Steve.

Coronation Street Leanna

The closest and dearest Oliver gathered for the verdict (Photo: ITV)

So she decided it was in the boy’s best interest to rob him of his livelihood.

Lianna was upset and talked to Imran Habib (Charlie de Melo) about an appeal against her conviction.

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Steve wasn’t convinced it was the best idea after hearing what a giant had said, but at first he agreed.

However, when he arrived at the hospital, he reconsidered his decision and told Leanne that he thought the appeal was unjustified and that it was time to let Oliver go.

Leanne was broken and marked Steve as angry before telling him to leave her alone.

The coronation street will be open on Monday the 16th. November at 7:30 p.m. at ITV.

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