Navigating the depths of love is complicated. This is especially true when you actually try to be a good friend and are tasked with finding out the true feelings of a friend’s crush. With a bit of insight and old-fashioned honesty, you can play the complicated game of love.

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 Be on the front line.

The easiest and known as effective way is to ask the person you love about your friend how they feel. If you have trouble mustering the courage to ask such a personal question, there are several ways to make the process easier.

Consider when and where you intend to have a conversation. Please make sure the crushed person is in a comfortable area, probably out of earshot of anyone who can hear them.

Be nice. Don’t use aggressive lines, like “Everyone knows you like Ryan.” Come out and say it! Instead, you might say, “You seem happy with Ryan.” Do you think you have something for him?

Find out about their love life.

Instead of asking the person, you love directly about your friend, try starting with their love life in general. Ask if she is dating or currently looking for a love interest. You should not ever hesitate to hide the feelings that promptly tease you to discover about the love of your beloved.

 You ask for your friend platonically.

Ask her important loverless questions about your friend and see if she naturally brings up her potential attraction. Try asking questions like, “How did you and Cayla meet?” or “How long have you known each other?”

 Examine body language.

People show noticeable changes in their movements when they feel attracted to someone. Although everyone has their own set of physical clues, there are common signs to look out for when someone is run over.

 Look at their communication on social networks.

Check if the person you like in your friend frequently interacts with your friend on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Pay attention to the language he uses with your friend and see if he uses apparent signs such as a smiley face or winking emoji.

Look for compliments.

People who show signs of attraction are likely to complement their crush a lot.

Look to see if your friend’s crush praises him for his talents or academic achievements. It’s important to note that being flattering isn’t always a sign of affection, so it’s essential to pay attention or notice the frequency of his praise and admiration.

 Listen to references on their availability.

Flirts typically make suggestions in conversations that reflect their relationship status, such as mentioning that they’ve recently been single or how lonely they’ve been.

 Tell your friends about your crush.

Investigate who your crush’s friends are and ask around to see what their feelings are. The chances are that, if the crush is significant, the word has already caught on among people.

 Give them affirmations.

The other solution is to give your friend enough confidence by asking them their crush directly so that you don’t have to do the leg work. Make subtle statements to your friend like, “Everyone knows how confident you are, why not put it into practice and ask Nicki how she’s feeling?” Praise him for small steps, like starting to chat with the person you love or asking for help with some schoolwork.

Support them even when they falter. If they lose the courage to talk to their loved one at a party, let them know that it is absolutely fine to be scared sometimes and that there will be other opportunities to grow—a relationship.

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