The process of replacing a computer is like replacing the child. It’s difficult, and it’s long and most people don’t want to go through it. But the good thing is that laptops last long If you take good treatment of them, both indoors and out. Make sure your older laptop is running by following these tips for proper care!

Run Updates Software as well as operating system upgrades typically help keep your computer running smoothly. It’s crucial to understand the distinction between upgrades and updates. A update will update your current version to the latest version. For example, 10.2 to 10.3, however it does not update to the next major version, for instance 10.2 to 11.0. 10.2 and 11.0. Make sure you check for updates to your software every week and then run updates to your operating system shortly after your computer has announced the updates. Updating your system can protect you from bugs, prevent viruses and ensure your computer runs smoothly.

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Make the necessary upgrades to your Hard Drive

There comes a point in the lives of all computers when a fresh hard drive is needed. Hard drives that fail are more prevalent on Macs and you could have a hard drive issue as you upgrade to a new operating system. If you frequently back up your files, getting the idea of a new drive isn’t as scary as it might appear. Bring your computer to the hands of a professional when you’re seeing noticeable slowing down and frequent freezes, or the “blue screen of death” or failure of your hard drive. A reputable professional can guide you through the various choices for your hard drive and help get your computer up and running in a short time.

Clean the inside

Does your laptop often seem to be burning you? Do you find that your fan keeps running? All of these are common issues with older computers. They are typically caused by dusty insides. Computer fans are adept in accumulating dust, and once dust is caught in, it has any place to go. Clean the insides of your computer yourself if you are at ease opening the casing applying Q-tips or compressed air for a good clean, or take it to an expert (which we would recommend). Cleaning your computer’s insides out will make it run longer and will prevent your lap free of third-degree burns.

Make use of a carrying case

Simple as it might sound, an carrying case is among the best things you could make for your laptop. If you’re taking your best custom laptop with you in a case, or backpack and you want to protect it, an extra protective sleeve will help ensure it is safe from scratches and the possibility of leaky water bottles or lunchbox. It is best to keep your computer in an additional bag, or make use of a bag that has an extra laptop compartment. The proper storage of your laptop can keep it safe in the occasion of a crash and will prolong the life of your laptop.

Wipe it off

Computers can be dust magnets and laptops are especially which are soiled by finger tips. It is essential to keep your computer in good condition. Make sure you regularly clean the outside casing using an eraser that removes dust and grime. Be gentle! Make use of compress air and keyboard cleaner to get rid of small particles of dirt and crumbs off your keyboard. Also, you can employ a microfiber fabric and 50-50 mixture with white vinegar, water, or cleaning your screen (not windows cleaner) to eliminate the tough spots on your screen.

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