Los Angeles Clippers Can Land 6 Lakers Players Next Season –

The Los Angeles Clippers were perhaps the most disappointing team in the NBA this season. Even with people like Kavi Leonard, Paul George, Lou Williams and Doc Rivers they weren’t close enough to reach the finals of the Western Conference when they had the best talent in the NBA. Success on the field and on the bench requires more than the power of the stars, and many teams have shown that.

A team of hungry young pups at Miami Heat has proven that the talent of a star is not always synonymous with success. The Denver nuggets also showed how important team chemistry is to win the NBA title, while the Lakers were the only team with the best pair in the league. In fact, the Lakers probably have the best overall experience with highly skilled role players to surround the superstar talents of Lebron James and Anthony Davis.

If the Clippers want to fight for the title next year, they can take a page from the book of Lakers and steal some of their key players to create the chemistry championship and the winning attitude. These are the players who can steal the Lakers Clippers in low season.

6. Nephews and nieces of DeMarcus (about the Bleacher Report)

Unfortunately, DeMarcus’ cousins inherited a serious injury that took him from superstar to unemployed player. The cousins were, when they were healthy, legitimate franchise players who were perhaps the best centers in basketball. Even though those days are long gone, cousins can still be effective if he loses most of his weight and simply concentrates on his pure abilities.

The cousins may be old school, with a small size and strength, but they are also elegant enough to make jump shots and can be a big player for lawnmowers. Where the cousins of law enforcement officers may be in the field and an important man in an attack, Clippers can take the risk and sign up.

5. Markiff Morris

Everybody knew why the Lakers signed Markyff Morris. He is a veteran without foolishness, with the strength and courage to be invaluable attributes for the team that will sign for the NBA title. While his brother Markus Morris was drawing with the Clippers, Markiff thought the Lakers had the best chance of winning everything. And he was right, because the Lakers have the best chemistry in the NBA led by Lebron James and Anthony Davis.

Marchiff wasn’t just a bank either, because he had a lot of big playoff games that year. Markieff can take up space on the ground during the shooting and is a large size to protect underneath. If the Clippers wanted to build a victorious culture, Morris’ cool singing in combination with his brother would be a great option.

4. Centaven Caldwell Papa

This year the KCP had a decent season and remained relatively resilient for what the team brings. He’s a good shot at depth and plays good defense on the flank. He also played with LeBron James. His knowledge of the superstar game is therefore a great asset to the clippers that Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have.

The KCP is now under contract with Klutch Sports, which means they will probably decide to stay with the Lakers next season. The KCP has proven that it is worth playing a role alongside Lebron James and he is a very strong outfield defender. The KCP will always be able to fire shots and play its role well with Lebron, so we need to protect his place in the Lakers.

3. Avery Bradley Credit: Getty Pictures

Avery Bradley may not have been part of Bubble’s NBA restart, but he was one of the best Lakers of the season. Bradley has long been a player who does not influence the outcome of the game, but through his turmoil and defense. Bradley plays hard every night, can defend 3 positions well and can play both defensive positions if necessary. He is also a good deep archer and he has a lot of experience in the competition.

The Clippers would have caught Bradley in no time because his aggressive defense would have been perfect with Kavi Leonard and Paul George. Bradley has the player’s choice, so Clippers can only buy it if he selects it.

2. Dwight Howard (via Lakers Daily)

Dwight Howard has been one of the best NBA’s this season. For a player who was once so dominant, it was strange to see him out of the league without much recognition. The Lakers took a risk with him and he took up the challenge by playing with his heart throughout the season. In many ways Dwight has had to regain his place in the NBA and he has convinced every team in the NBA that he is a valuable representative.

Clippers are happy to welcome Dwight because of his defensive skills, his experience as a veteran and because he now knows how to be effective in his role. Dwight Howard may still be good enough to start the games, and the Clippers can convince him to take on the new challenge of playing with Kavi Leonard and winning his second ring.

1. Rajon Rondo C

The player the Clippers probably dream of buying is probably Rajon Rondo. It’s so strange to see Rondo play for the Lakers after he was such a star for his rival Boston Celtics ten years ago, but he’s a modern NBA. So, the Clippers might think they can steal the Lakers’ third best player in the playoffs this season and have him play for them in a lockdown defense. The Clippers could certainly use the performance of the Playoff Rondo to bring Denver to a 3-1 victory in the series.

The Clippers don’t need Rondo to play like a star all year round, which is clearly unrealistic, but they could use his basketball brain. The man is literally a coach on the field, and he will be invaluable in helping the Clippers claim the NBA title for the first time in the history of the franchise. If the Clippers want to steal a Lakers player the most, it’s probably the veteran who’s keeping Rajon Rondo busy.


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