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Miami Heath are the two victories that separate them from the fourth historic NBA franchise championship. It’s clear that Jimmy Butler was the perfect man for their winning culture, and it’s only a matter of time before Pat Riley gets his hands on another star.

It is assumed that this off-season heat will bring at least one player of the highest calibre on the field. However, we do know that it has to be an actor who fits the Miami Heat culture. He must be a crook, a man who doesn’t hesitate to look people in the face and doesn’t care if people like him or not.

With that in mind, we believe that neither of the other two players meets the current demand of the NBA, with the exception of Russell Westbrook and Joel Ambiad. That’s why today we’re going to tell them how Miami Heat can bring them together with Jimmy Butler to form the perfect team of super villains.

Russell Westbrook

Houston Rockets. Get it: Andre Igudala, Tyler Herro, Kendrick Nunn and Kelly Olinic.

Heat reception in Miami: Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is a man who doesn’t care what people say. He is a natural candidate who has decided to prove that he can beat anyone on the field and will not hesitate to get involved with his rivals or even his fans as they try to reach him.

Westbrook would have been a significant improvement over Goran Dragich and Kendrick Nunn as Miami Heat pointers, although they had to separate ways with their precious young man Tyler Herro to get the main super villain.

Joel Ambiad

Houston Rockets. Get it: Bam Adebayo (emblem) and Goran Draghik (emblem).

Heat reception in Miami: Joel Ambiad

Joel Ambiad is the main joke. He laughs in people’s faces and is also an elitist garbage man. Moreover, his lifestyle fits perfectly with the culture of Miami and Eric Spelstra would like to have one of the best couples in the competition.

Ambiid and Butler have built a strong relationship since Jimmy in Philadelphia, and even if the Heat has to lose to Bam Adebayo to land Ambiid, they have to if they want a player like Ambiid on their team. He’s the right man to mate with Butler, that’s for sure.

Miami’s Super Villains Heat

For most of the past season, Miami Heat trusted their depths. Spoolstra and Riley have formed a balanced team, capable of doing almost anything, especially in the defensive area of the field. But this time they would be totally different.

In Hit they rely again on the big three to play their heavy first minutes instead of using a long rotation. Duncan Robinson would have a lot of eyes open with Embiid, Westbrook and Butler, and Butler ruins the paint and protects it with a double emulsion down.

Pat Riley will still have to struggle to find the strength to bring the dominant starting line-up together. They would be in a better position to return to the NBA finals, as no other Eastern Conference team would be able to compete with them. They’d be pretty unstable too, but the risk is worth it.



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