Miami Hurricanes head football coach Manny Diaz is constantly evaluating his team, according to new athletic director Blake James. ‘Every single player on our roster goes through a process of being evaluated each and every day,’ he said during the Big Ten Football Media Days in Chicago.

Miami Hurricanes AD Blake James on football coach Manny Diaz: ‘Everyone’s constantly being evaluated’. The Miami Hurricanes are coming off of their first losing season in over 15 years. Read more in detail here: nate diaz.

CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA – Blake James, the athletic director for the Miami Hurricanes, was hesitant to make any predictions about how this season will go for coach Manny Diaz, who has been chastised for his team’s 2-4 start.

When asked whether Diaz was under fire, James told, “I’m not sure what you mean by “hot seat.” Every one of my coaches is judged on how well they and their teams perform. Clearly, this has been a dismal season. We’ve played six games so far and have six more to go. Our main emphasis right now is on winning our next six games.”

James also refused to clarify whether he will make any coaching changes throughout the season.

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“Looking into the future is too difficult,” James said. “I’m not sure what’s going to happen this time. I believe that everyone is continually reviewed, and you make the judgments that you believe are in the best interests of the program.”

Miami had a preseason top-15 team with great hopes to compete in the ACC’s Coastal Division this season. However, following a season-opening defeat to Alabama, Miami has struggled to find success, and the loss of quarterback D’Eriq King and a slew of other players to injuries has only compounded the problem. Despite this, the Hurricanes placed themselves in position to win their last two games, but lost both on the last play, to Virginia and North Carolina, respectively.

“I believe Manny has done all he has to do to put the pieces in position for Miami to win again,” James said, “but look at our past two games.” “We’re 2-0 in the Coastal after two plays go in separate directions. With that said, the fact is that you have to find a way to win those games, which we aren’t doing. Manny is now working on bringing us to that position. Clearly, we haven’t achieved the kind of success that we desire as a program, or that our fan base demands.”

Diaz, who is in his third season as Miami’s coach, was hired after Mark Richt announced his retirement after the 2018 season. This season, he took over playcalling responsibilities for the defense, although the squad has been chastised for bad tackling and missed plays.

Coach announced earlier this week that against No. 18 NC State on Saturday, he will use younger players, and he has defended the program’s trajectory, saying that he has recruited a good young bunch of players to develop around. However, Miami’s 2022 recruiting class is presently ranked No. 32 in ESPN’s rankings. In recent weeks, fans have increased their criticism of the show, raising the level of hostility around it.

“We’ve got a lot of people with a lot of pride who want to win,” Diaz stated during his weekly press conference on Monday. “They are dissatisfied with how the year has progressed. Nobody is pleased with the way the year has turned out. So, in terms of outside loudness, what’s going on in here can’t be much more upsetting than what’s going on outside. We have an opportunity to do something about it right now.”

Despite the Hurricanes’ hard work over the previous two weeks, James said his final appraisal would take everything into account, including victories and defeats.

“A lot of variables go into assessing, such as where we are with the team, development, progress, what we’re seeing from the young people in the program, and what we’re doing in terms of recruiting.” James stated his opinion. “A laundry list of items is included in the assessment. Winning is at the top of the priority list. Because that’s something we’ll have to consider in our programs here at the University of Miami in the future, and right now, we’re not winning enough.”

James also reiterated the university’s commitment to the sports department.

“As an institution, we’re devoted to winning,” he added. “So, whatever it means, I’m certain that’s the path our institution will pursue. Whether it’s a financial decision on coaching salaries or a financial decision on what we need to do [to] re-establish ourselves as a program, the institution is committed to seeing this athletics program succeed at the highest level, and they’re committed to doing whatever it takes to compete with the best.”

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