Season 36 of The Challenge saw the arrival of many newcomers, from Olympian Lolo Jones to Survivor winner Natalie Anderson, Ultimate Beastmaster Nam Vo and WWE wrestler Leo Rush. However, Wes Bergmann recently talked about a rookie double agent he thinks was stolen this season.

After the fourth episode, viewers learned that rookie Olivia Liv Javando was medically disqualified after injuring herself in the third episode of Roadkill. Wes spoke on Instagram Live and called Liv the best recruit I’ve seen in years, according to CheatSheet.

Wes said Liv seemed to have her hands in a ton of cookie jars that could be turned into incredibly relevant and important stories. However, the rookie didn’t get much screen time before her early release.

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Liv is medically disqualified after injuring herself in Challenge Series 3:. Double agents

Liv, 21, is from Manchester, England and is making her first appearance at UK Shipwreck 2019. However, she didn’t get much airtime in her early days and was involved in a major national drama that didn’t get picked up.

Newcomer Amber Martinez said she and Liv had a serious falling out over a possible affair with Demetrius Mehi Harris in the third episode. According to Amber, Mechie flirted with both women and Liv was upset after she and Amber kissed. Amber said they met some Mecha and he told Liv: You’re my partner. I don’t like you very much. I like amber. Amber goes on to say: I think he had already told [Liv] that he liked her, and the fact that he said he was winding her up in front of everyone and spraying water on her.

Amber said Liv was also so angry with Meca that she poured shampoo on his bed and they argued because they couldn’t stand the exhaustion. After the episode, Liv and Amber engaged in a verbal exchange about social media.

Shortly after her return, Liv told her social media followers that she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage on December 10. These stations have since been removed from Instagram, but the screenshot is available on Instagram Overdose Challenge. Liv has not given a date for her pregnancy, so it is unclear whether or not she was pregnant during the shooting of the double agents.

Before she suffered a miscarriage, Liv answered a question from a fan who asked her if she would be returning to the MTV show. In part, she says: I want to go back as soon as possible.

After his elimination, Wes stated that he was unsure if he would return for the next season of MTV’s.

Wes Bergmann, who was eliminated in the third episode of the season, told Fessie Shafaat on his live Instagram show that there is no way f****** I’m moving on to the next season. He said: Jealousy must die. He said he would clean up on Cameo and Patreon, let Jealousy die, lift weights and come back for season 38. That’s my plan, because jealousy is very real.

He said it was a difficult time for him because many people he considered friends had turned away from him and said negative things about him in their confessions. However, he also said that if he takes a break from the Challenge, he may not come back because he has many entrepreneurial activities in his life.

Challenge: The show Double Agent airs on Wednesdays at 8pm. ET/PT on MTV.

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