The reunion of the Rocinante team (less than one) and a new visit to Avasarala provided some of the highlights of the Expanse’s season 5 finale, but even if season 6 is the last outing, Protomolecule’s score is far from over. Showrunner Naren Shankar helped shed some light in the final minutes, particularly on the idea of Laconia and the status of several characters whose curves change.

The Martian rovers brought the protomolecule to Laconia.

We must begin at the end and work backwards. There was something dangerously natural in the deafening whirlwinds that swept over Saverre and Babbage as Barcate came through the gates of Laconia. “These are the things Holden has been thinking about all season,” Shankar said. Once he walks into Fred’s office and says, “I think there’s some stuff in the ring. I think they’ve destroyed the developers of the protomolecules. I think we’re going to wake them up”. And by the end of the season, confident viewers will see that he’s right. They have awakened! They are challenging our reality in a dangerous way”.

the expanse season 5

This could have meant that Barkate had disappeared through some dimensional twist in the access ways of his presence, but many other Martian renegades had managed to make it to Laconia, a planet whose builders had demonstrated a crucial innovation, namely an orbiting station. “You don’t know what’s up there!” – said Shankar. “You see the drawing… The only reference point you have is what they found on Ilus in season 4: that these planets have some kind of monstrous machinery, that they are somehow advanced planets that worked with the innovation that built the ring gates – the protomolecular innovation. ”

The Return of Cortazar

Cortazar, who has been the protomolecular mastermind since season 1 of Expanse, is planning to enter the third phase of development, and it’s clear that the protomolecular trial for which the Martians traded their warships for Marco Inaros is a key element in spurring innovation. Can we see the builder’s spaceship? And if this is true, what would a splinter group of MCRN need? If the minefield protects Laconia from any attempt to traverse it from the ground, nothing prevents the former Martians from returning with real options.

the expanse season 5

What’s next for the drummer?

Meanwhile, the fates of various characters could also use an explanation. For example, what about Drummer and the rift in his family? “She subjects them to a strategy that essentially obliterates what she was trying to protect, which is unlikely,” says Shankar. “She’s doing it for a perfectly conceivable, thoughtful, moral explanation: she’s not going to kill the people she often thinks about, whoever is responsible. Either way, the cost is enormous. It has consequences”.

Is Philip beginning to see Marco’s manipulation?

Philip also seems to confess to his father in the final minutes of the fifth season of The Expanse, where he puts down his gun and casually reveals Marco’s preparations. “It’s a fascinating second, and it will probably save a number of different readings,” notes Shankar. “He’s a warring spirit, and he’s in an extremely confusing and contradictory situation: he’s actually related to his father, but perhaps not as much as he used to be. But also, where would he go? You’re sort of stuck in the house with your passionate victim’.

the expanse season 5

A new member of the Rocinante’s crew.

While some families are breaking up, others are moving on. Team Rocinante may have lost Alex, but they won Clarissa. “Amos had to keep her in the boat, and Holden said yes, or Amos said yes,” Shankar says, laughing. “They are two spirits who constantly resort to cruelty to solve their problems. The difference between the two is that Amos feels nothing when he does, while Clarissa feels everything. She feels the weight of every awful thing she’s done, and Amos, I think, feels that and tries to give her as much credit as possible for going around the world.

The finale of season 5 of Expanse is, in a way, just a pause before the controversy continues in season 6 and the final season. Marco is still a threat now; the protomolecule and the Martians who have it are much more dangerous, and what lives in the ring room that slaughtered the builders is clearly more embarrassing. In the final series, after only ten episodes, the stage is set for this epic space drama with a dangerous set-up.

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Frequently asked questions

Is season 5 of “Space” the last?

The series was canceled in 2018 after three seasons on its original home, Syfy, but was relaunched by Amazon after fans rallied behind the banner to save it. And in November, before the premiere of its fifth season in December, Amazon announced that “The Expanse” had been renewed for a sixth and final season.

What happened at the end of the fifth season?

Unfortunately, an unexpected event occurs when Barkate passes the gates of Laconia. The ship – and everything in it, including Sover and Babbage – seems to disintegrate and disappear completely under the influence of an unknown force.

Will there be a season six?

In announcing Amazon’s renewal, the company made it clear that Season 6 will be the last. Vernon Sanders, co-CEO of Amazon Studios, even said that Season 6 will give long-time fans of the series “the satisfying ending to the series that they deserve. HMMM.

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