After the end of the first season of the exciting HBO horror series Lovecraft Country, series director Misha Green looks to the future and wonders how things will continue. It seems that Green wanted to adapt the work of another legendary horror writer, as well as the work of HP Lovecraft : Stephen King.

But I’d like to do the Stephen King limited edition. It’s my favourite novel of all time, but it’s so thick it takes time to sit with each character and really feel their fear. You can make a two-hour film, but imagine a season in seven parts. And something about vampires. We need new vampires.
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In addition to Greene’s statement that as long as we need new vampires, a talented writer will be happy to bring them to life on a small screen for at least seven seasons. It is clear that she is a fan of the original material and considers it her favourite novel of all time. Although the public may think it doesn’t need another version, Green will certainly be one of the best options if King’s work is modified again.

Stephen King has performed live several times already. The first with a mini-series in 1990, remembered for the excellent performance of Tim Curry as Pennywise, and the most recent directed by Andy Mushietti, who edited the novel for two films, the second of which was released last year.

While the first of Mushietti’s films was very well received, many felt that he failed to achieve his goal: Chapter two. One of the biggest criticisms was that the film simply did not reach the anti-terrorist unit, which would certainly have been corrected if Mischa Green had ever gotten her wish. For many seasons it would have had enough time to fill itself with characters and often strange myths. So before she starts reinventing vampires in the form of a multicultural interview with a vampire, you have to let her.

Despite her ambition and obvious talent, Mrs Green said she hadn’t received any major unannounced calls yet. It’s an interesting and strange time for business. People don’t know when the films and everything else will come back in a sustainable way. I think that’s part of it. Besides, there’s a lot going on in the world, she says.

However, Green had several projects, including the women’s action film Mother and the remake of Cleopatra’s comedy Jones Blaxploitation in 1973. In the meantime, you can watch the first season of the brilliant land of Lovecraft Green. In 2016 Matt Ruff continues his eponymous novel, the stars of the series Jernie Smallette and Jonathan Majors, and Atticus Freeman, a young black man who travels the United States in the 1950s in search of his missing father and uncovers the dark secrets that settled in the city which, according to the famous horror writer HP Lovecraft, has been the backdrop for many of his fictional stories. It was sent to us by a Hollywood reporter.

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