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Ryan, the star of season 12 of First Sight, talks about charity, friendship with ex-boyfriends, travel and other topics in this exclusive interview.

Married to the star of First Look, Ryan is ready to be a husband! In the context of programme 12. For the first season of the marriage experience, experts traveled to Atlanta to train five couples.

On Wednesday’s preview, viewers can get to know Ryan, a project manager who is ready to start a family. The 29-year-old admires his parents and wants to pursue his dream of becoming a parent. Experts put him in touch with Clara, a 27-year-old flight attendant who also wants to start a family.

Ryan (29) is ready to get married and is definitely a man! His biography states that his parents have been married for over three decades, and Ryan believes his father modeled what an understanding husband and father should be. Ryan hopes the experts find him a woman to start a family with and that his parents’ dream of becoming grandparents will finally come true.

Here are five quick facts about Ryan:

1. Ryan is very active in charitable activities

In an exclusive interview with Heavy, Ryan revealed that he does a lot of charity work by partnering with a local gym.

Just recently we organised a 10 km race against racism, he said. My donations went to the Police Equality Center, the NAACP Defense Fund and Hands-on Atlanta.

As a gym, they raised over $10,000 and Ryan contributed over $1,500.

2. How Ryan feels about being friends with an ex.

Ryan isn’t talking to any of his ex-girlfriends yet, but if he needs to contact them, he can always talk to them. It is important that Ryan always respects new relationships.

I don’t actively talk to my ex-boyfriends, but there is always an open line of communication when needed, he said.

Anyway, Ryan said it’s okay to be friends with an ex as long as they don’t cross unreasonable boundaries. Literally, I think people can be friends with their exes. I think an ex-boyfriend’s friendship needs to evolve to respect a new relationship.

3. Ryan liked to travel for COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has put holiday travel on hold for most people. But before COVID-19 took over the world, Ryan showed he loved to travel.

Travel was an important part of my life before VIDOC, he says. I used to commute regularly and I miss commuting.

In addition to going to work, Ryan also enjoyed going on vacation. In my personal life, I have traveled internationally in each of the last four years, he said. I hope to continue until the end of 2021, he said. I prefer Japan or Germany.

Ryan added that he was enjoying exploring the new city, but that he was also looking forward to going back to the beach.

4. Ryan says his strangest trait is his eclectic taste in music and movies

Maybe people don’t want to go to a game with Ryan. When asked what sets him apart from others, he said it’s his taste in music and movies.

I think I have pretty eclectic tastes in music and movies, he said. My Spotify playlist quickly works its way through genres and decades.

He went on to say: I like to ask friends to tell me about a song, an artist, an album at a restaurant or a bar.

5. Ryan thinks he’s a romantic.

When it comes to romance, Ryan is definitely a romantic, but not in the usual way. When it comes to your partner’s powerlessness, it’s the little things that count.

For me, romance is about the little things. Play a song that brings back good memories. Preparing a meal takes a certain amount of time, he said. Try something new, because it’s special for your lover – it’s romantic for me.

So, are Ryan and Clara going to get along once they’re a couple? For more information, don’t miss season 12 of Married for the First Time, which airs on Wednesday, June 13. January, premiere at 8 p.m. on Lifetime. Eastern time.

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