As the holiday season approaches, PC gamers can take advantage of the holiday season. The PC has a lot of playing possibilities, which is also a problem because it can overwhelm the consumer. It’s very difficult to choose a specific game, knowing the prestige of the games listed below. To solve this problem, we decided to classify the games that correspond to the interests of the player.

Here is our list of game titles to view.



These titles are recommended for players who have nothing else to do during the holidays.

A common trend in these games is their longevity and captivating plots. You will probably spend more than 50 hours refining these titles if you add the DLC packages. Each of them has an extremely fascinating story that will captivate you.

Skyrim presents a fantastic medieval theme that brings out the knight, villain or wizard in you. Case: New Vegas is a game that will put your morale to the test as you have to make difficult decisions to solve the dilemmas of each quest. Red Dead Redemption 2 has a character-driven story if you’re dealing with the main character’s traumatic past. Persona 4 will fascinate you with its fast combat system that has revolutionized the RPG genre. Grand Theft Auto 5 is similar to RDR 2 in terms of the characters’ thematic story, with the gangster theme adding a touch of fun. Borderlands 2 is a guerrilla-style first-person shooter with comic style and visuals. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey offers a historical overview of Greek mythology and history, with intriguing combat mechanisms and fascinating conversations.

Most of these games are open-world experience games that give you the freedom to do whatever you want. Moreover, these games have been praised.


These games are recommended for players who like to play outside the holiday season. The disadvantage is the extra cost of their expansion packages. Genshin Impact is cheapest because of its free-play status, but the attraction of the primula can make you want to spend it.


If you want to have blind fun at Christmas, then these games are highly recommended. One of us is currently a success thanks to his minimalist but chaotic game mechanics, which depends on the actions of other players. Left 4 Dead can be stressful because of the hordes of zombies, but it can also be fun when playing with friends. It’s even more fun if you want to shoot all vehicles with an alarm.

Team Fortress 2 offers a free gameplay experience that can make you laugh when you fire these rockets to destroy the body parts of your opponents or to hit your opponents with a baseball bat. Not to mention the teasing and medical chants spreading everywhere.

Saints Row IV doesn’t have a multiplayer mode like the other games (unless you customize it), but the hilarious story full of baseball bat dildos and dubstep guns will literally make you laugh. It also gives you the freedom to walk around with superpowers.

Unlike most games, Garry’s Mod does not offer specific objectives, which adds a spark of uniqueness to every encounter. That also makes it one of the most flexible titles, because you can do just about any shenanigans you want.


If you firmly believe that Christmas is synonymous with peace and harmony, then these games are for you. Travelling can be boring for some because you spend most of your time crossing fields, but the beautifully designed soundtrack and images are enough to enrich your experience.

Stardew Valley offers players a comprehensive gameplay thanks to RPG-based farming mechanisms. The game is not only about taking care of your livestock and harvesting crops, because you can also travel through other cities and communicate with different NPCs.

Stanley’s Parable is a comedy game based on a story that will certainly make you laugh, but the overall plot is focused on an existentialism that really makes a lasting impression.


The graphs may be outdated, but don’t be fooled. Because of their vintage appeal, these games are more affordable than their modern counterparts, and some of them have revolutionized the gaming scene.

We were talking about Fallout: New Vegas as a consumer of time, but it can also be included in this list because of its deep history focused on corruption, bureaucracy in a post-apocalyptic setting. Even the many bugs can not reduce the quality of the game, because it is considered one of the most popular buggames. The second part of the Assassin’s Creed franchise is really worth a look as you are parked in a Renaissance Venice. Don’t forget to be selfish with Leonardo da Vinci. Each Bioshock game has a unique plot to discover, whether it comes from the depths of the ocean (Bioshock 1 & 2) or from paradise (Bioshock: Infinite).

If you want to play the Assassin’s Creed series in its entirety, you should try its predecessor Prince of Persia. Maybe you even like it because it has puzzles in it.

If you’re new to the Final Fantasy series, Part 10 is the perfect starting point, given the simplicity of the linear gameplay, the beautiful soundtrack, the emotional story and the cute characters.

If blood, sweat and tears satisfy your Christmas wishes, then Resident Evil 4 can be the game of your choice. You’ll always cry and sweat because you’ll be chased away by bloodthirsty ganados.


If there are great games you’ve always wanted to play, they might be worth checking out. The remake of Resident Evil 2 captivates not only by its fascinating atmosphere, but also by its graphic and sound design that will leave you speechless. Imagine Mr. X’s footsteps mixing with his iconic music and stalking you. The Two Horizons: Zero Dawn and Eternal Fate have been recognized and praised at the Game Awards, so you can see why. Nir: The unique story of Automata and the variety of gameplay mechanisms keep you on the edge of your seat.

Finally, your childhood dream of becoming the Dark Knight can come true thanks to Batman: The city of Arkham. It takes one of the best turns in the plot of superhero games, which we certainly do not spoil. It’s also the cheapest of all the recommended starters we’ve mentioned.


If only the community appreciated these works of art. Super Giant Games have always been known for their indie classics, including Bastion, Transistor and Hades. Each of them has a different setting with similar gameplay, but it’s their characters and fascinating plots that really attract attention. The stories of the characters are worth listening to, so you can appreciate the beauty of these games.

Psychopaths may be the strangest gaming experience on this list, but the comical and psychologically inductive tone is worth including in the list of 1001 video games to play before you die.

Vampire: Masquerade – Bloodlines may be an imperfect experience, but her cult vampire-themed RPG style has made her a cult follower. Many consider it an imperfect masterpiece.

If Cold Fear hadn’t been released on the same day as Resident Evil 4, it could have been one of the best games in the history of PlayStation 2. His mechanical swing ship offers a more unique twist to his Resident Evil counterpart.

Ori and the Blind Forest may be a traditional platform game, but the heartbreaking story and visual effects will enhance your platform game experience.

Most players will say that Dishonored is aptly called because it’s so undervalued, but once you’re immersed in the stealth-based game, you’ll soon realise how beautiful it is.


Dead by Daylight can be an entertaining experience, especially if you scream like a very gifted child. You can also try DOTA 2 or CS:GO, but make sure you bring your A game, because the competitive nature of the game is not designed for hearts. You can also try Diablo III as an alternative hobby.

For those who like to go back in time, Age of Empires, Starcraft Remastered, Homeworld Remastered or Battle Realms could be your game. Perhaps previous Call of Duty games could be integrated into this discussion. Amnesia: For lovers of the horror genre, Dark Descent can be useful.

You’ll never run out of games on the PC, so you can be free to explore multiple worlds. You can discover hidden treasures worth more than any Christmas present.

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