Suspect In South LA Fireworks Explosion Expected To Plead Guilty –

After a South LA firework explosion killed a man, and injured his wife and two children, prosecutors expect one of the fireworks party’s organizers to plead guilty to a charge of causing the explosion, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.

A man believed to be responsible for a fireworks explosion in South Los Angeles that injured seven people over the Fourth of July holiday is expected to plead guilty to the charges against him. The explosive device exploded on July 4th in a residential area near the intersection of Avalon Boulevard and Rosecrans Avenue, causing minor damage to a home. The explosion was caused by fireworks that were set off in a residential area.

The suspect accused of setting off fireworks that resulted in a fire that burnt down a vehicle-pimping business in South Los Angeles has been sentenced to four years in state prison. Prosecutors say Eddie Ray Gaines on Monday pleaded guilty to one felony count of arson, while a separate charge of attempted murder was dismissed. Authorities say Gaines lit fireworks that set ablaze a vehicle-pimping business in February 2012 killing 3 people.. Read more about fireworks accident and let us know what you think.

(CBSLA) – LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A 26-year-old South Los Angeles man has agreed to plead guilty to federal charges of unlawfully carrying tons of explosives, including hazardous handmade fireworks that resulted in a botched explosion in South Los Angeles in June that injured 17 people.

According to the case docket, Arturo Ceja III will plead guilty in federal court in Los Angeles to a federal allegation of carrying explosives without a license.

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On June 30, 2021, boxes of illegal fireworks were discovered in a bomb disposal truck in South Los Angeles after a detonation went awry. (LAPD)

According to the US Attorney’s Office, Ceja intended to sell pyrotechnics around the neighborhood in honor of the Fourth of July holiday.

According to the federal complaint, the 26-year-old traveled to Nevada in late June to buy a variety of explosives, including aerial displays and big handmade pyrotechnics containing explosive ingredients, which he drove back to his house in rental vehicles.

The majority of the explosives were bought from Area 51, a Pahrump, Nevada-based fireworks retailer. According to the lawsuit, pyrotechnics in California may cost up to four times as much as those purchased in Nevada.

According to the complaint, Ceja informed detectives that he bought the homemade explosives — comprised of cardboard paper, hobby fuse, and explosive flash powder — from a person selling them out of the trunk of a Honda in the Area 51 parking lot.

According to an affidavit prepared by a special agent with the federal bureau and attached to the complaint, “Ceja did not possess an ATF explosives license or permit of any kind that would authorize him to transport either aerial display fireworks or homemade fireworks made with explosive materials, including but not limited to flash powder.”

Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department went to Ceja’s home on East 27th Street on June 30 after receiving a report that pyrotechnics were being stored in his garden. Officers reportedly discovered more than 500 crates of professional grade pyrotechnics in big cardboard boxes at the residence.

Local police believed that 5,000 pounds of pyrotechnics were discovered during their first inquiry. The ATF then discovered that Ceja was really keeping 32,000 pounds of pyrotechnics in his backyard “in a hazardous manner,” according to the complaint, “particularly beneath unsecured tents and near to cooking grills.”

Sarah Trueway Lin, 41, has been reported missing in Cerritos.

According to the affidavit, the initial search of Ceja’s home turned up more than 140 homemade fireworks — typically referred to as M devices of varying sizes — as well as explosives-making components, including hobby fuses that matched the fuse on a homemade mortar shell wrapped in tin foil discovered inside the home.


The bungled fireworks explosion on June 30 damaged an LAPD complete containment truck. (CBSLA)

While the fireworks were being removed from Ceja’s home, an LAPD bomb squad determined that some of the homemade fireworks containing explosive materials were too dangerous to transport due to the risk of detonation in a densely populated area, and that they would be destroyed on the spot with a total containment vessel.

The whole vessel burst during the disposal of the devices, sending 17 people and first responders to the hospital and causing damage to 22 homes, 13 businesses, and 37 cars.

So far, 14 families have been allowed to reclaim their houses in South Los Angeles. For households awaiting structural repairs, the city has leased 29 long-term apartments.

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As a consequence of the explosion, the LAPD has started adopting new protocols, including requiring the presence of a commanding officer for future detonations.

The City Council unanimously requested that the agency provide a report on the “failed operation” and how the public would be better safeguarded in the future. The City Attorney’s Office was also told to make sure that individuals who suffered property damage or injuries were fairly compensated.

As of July 28, the office has received 145 claims for money damages, with 62 still pending.

MORE NEWS: Volunteers gather supplies and prepare for the arrival of Afghan refugees in the area.

(CBS Broadcasting Inc., Copyright 2021, All Rights Reserved.) This article was written with the help of City News Service.)

A man suspected of setting off a fireworks explosion that injured 23 people in South Los Angeles is expected to plead guilty, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday. Dawood DuJour, 21, had been charged with 23 counts of arson, seven counts of discharge of an explosive device and one count of vandalism.. Read more about south la news and let us know what you think.

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