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Persona 5 Royal – for the first time the best (Fig.: Atlus).

GameCentral readers can imagine the games they would return to if they could somehow erase the memory of their first round.

This week’s hot topic was suggested by Stone Cold reader Steve Austin, and although that’s impossible (unless you know someone who’s really good at hypnosis), it was interesting to see which games people want to rate for the first time.

The most common versions were classic epics such as Final Fantasy 7, Soulsborne and Zelda: The breath of nature. Although many admitted that it wouldn’t be so exciting to play the old games again if one kept the knowledge of the modern games.

Time travel
I think it’s almost impossible. To do that, it is necessary to literally become a child again, so that the effect that people imagine, as I understand it, also happens where they come from. I don’t think brainwashing is more likely, but I think it actually only works for new games that don’t look extremely old-fashioned, whether or not you’ve played them before.

I mean, look at Super Mario 64, one of the best and most important games of all time, which really needs nostalgic looks to enjoy in a barely remastered form.

Personally, the two best participants in my book Zelda: The breath of nature and people 4 and 5. I’d love to play it again and be new again, but it’s just not possible. I’ve even played the Persona 5 Royal too many times: I remember this room. Instead of being overwhelmed by events as if for the first time.

Blown away
I think my correct answer would be something like Bloodborne, but I wonder how I’d take Shenmue when I play for the first time. We all know that the third one fell like a head ball, but I’m not sure it’s much different for those who play old balls today.

I remember being driven off the face of the earth when I first played Dreamcast in 2000. At the time, it seemed that this vision of the future, this game is so complex and so profound that it simply should not have existed yet.

Of course, in this day and age it just seems stupid and superficial, with almost no gameplay, the plot unfold in a snail’s pace, and the protagonist – with zero personality. If you’d erased my mind, would I know right away, or would I want it back? Honestly, I don’t even want to know.

Current status
, I think I’d say Metroid Prime for myself. I know there are a few games that are considered perfect, and this is one of them, but it’s the only game I played when it first came out, so it has a special place for me.

If this new edition of the Metroid Prime trilogy comes out one day, I’ll have a chance to see it, but of course it won’t be as impressive as it used to be. I’m sure it’s perfect for gaming, but at the time, the graphics were state-of-the-art and just as perfect as the rest of the game. That’s not gonna happen now, and I think that’s a problem for a lot of retro games.

Even with very old games, there was a time when they were the most beautiful, but unless you make a complete remake like The Souls of Demon, it will never happen again.

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In the first five of
, I couldn’t just choose a game, but I would have been happy with one of those options, because the game I experienced for the first time was my first game.

It’s an honourable mention: Stories of Grace F (PS3)

It’s an honourable mention: Staff 3 (PS2 and PSP versions)

5. WWF Smackdown 2 : Know your role (PS1)

4. Full metal gearbox (PS1)

3. Stories from Xylia 1 (PS3)

2. Final Fantasy 7 (PS1)

1. Personnel 4 (PS2/PS Vita/PC)
TheSpectre N8 (Gamertag)

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Only once
Probably because it was mentioned recently in my inbox, but I would have chosen Shadow Of The Colossus. It’s a great game, but I’ve never had the pleasure of playing it, and I’ve tried it a couple of times. The only time I did that was a remake, and even then it wasn’t as good as the first time because I knew how to beat all the bosses.

It’s a problem with a lot of games you’ve played once, once the experience has collapsed and you start over, it’s not the same. Usually that’s a sign that the game was really good. And personally, I’d rather play something new. Too many big games for me to play the same games over and over again.
Cole Slow

Again, for the first time in
I want to play Dark Souls again without knowing what it is. Not only will I be able to face all the problems for the first time, but you will also hear about them without warning.

I remember the first time I played and I heard it was hard, but now it doesn’t mean anything, so I didn’t think about it. Then I was completely destroyed by the game, and, well… anyone who reads it knows what Dark Souls are.

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Let the past die
The risky part of this hot topic is exactly what was explained in the last part of the question, namely the tastes that could change, the ideas that change with age, and the inevitable lifestyle with its many events that have affected me as a person.

I’d like to give games like Zelda: A link with the past, the mask of the Major, and beyond with good and evil. But I don’t think I can honestly say at the end that I want to erase the memories of certain moments, such as the past pleasures of the game. This has already been proven when I played the remake of Final Fantasy 7. I loved playing the game and getting nostalgic hits! But I’ve always compared experiences with games like Final Fantasy 13 and 15.

The return to the original Final Fantasy 7 in the world of modern games will unfortunately make the game more interesting and will not change the mentality and emotional life. I’d lose too much, and the price would be too high.

Another example on the other hand was my first race of Chrono Trigger. Too bad it never appeared in the PAL Super Nintendo, and the six pages of reviews or previews in the magazine I saw in Woolworths were nothing but torture. It got even worse that year when I saw a demo in the console section of the K-Mart in Woodbridge Richmond, Virginia!

When Chrono Trigger finally appeared on Nintendo DS in 2009, I grew up with the game on the small screen without feeling the nostalgia of a young teenager, just without having the magical experience I had hoped for. If this was the next game with a top view, I would play after the previous link! I think it would have an effect, but it would be a positive development, I can guarantee you that.

Now I just want to build on my gaming experience and play modern game equivalents that work from the adult mind, and then move on to a new experience of excitement – like when you first played Skyrim a few years ago. It will be interesting to read the thoughts of other SC viewers on this topical subject. But I know where my feelings are now, and they feel my nostalgia for the past and the present very well.

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