The SPC Storm Prediction Center says millions of people in the Southeast could face severe storms. Possible tornadoes could block roads due to uprooted trees and downed power lines. This may cause problems while driving. High-speed winds (up to 80 mph) accompanied by rain can damage homes. The damage can spread to infrastructure and is time consuming and expensive to repair. Forecasters are predicting stronger thunderstorms that could bring heavy showers with hail. Homeowners who have a renewable energy source can breathe a sigh of relief. The robots on Mars make great use of this form of energy.

The SPC lists 21 tornadoes. It will cross Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. The head of the National Weather Service NWS says – Once it gets dark, we will see the biggest threat to our weather. The problem is exacerbated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Daily Mail UK, meteorologist expect multiple tornadoes. Winds will reach hurricane strength and large hailstorms may occur. This would pose a risk to communities, with possible lives at risk if the tornado strikes after sunset. There have been cases where roofs have been lifted. In March 2017, a total of 22 tornadoes struck the Midwest, killing three people.

Power failure due to tornado

High winds have blown down many signs warning of large hailstorms coming from somewhere.

Thousands of homes and businesses from Texas to Alabama were without power. With more storms expected, cleanup will have to wait. There are more than 50 tornado warnings. The climatic unrest has affected schools, which have had to cancel classes. To maintain continuity, they switched to online coaching. The Daily Mail UK reports that vaccination programs against the coronavirus have been cancelled in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee.

This can cause problems for those who need the vaccine first.

Tornado shelter locations

Government. Kay Ivey has declared a state of emergency in Alabama. Communities should know the location of shelters in case of a tornado. The Daily Mail UK adds that social media can play an important role in such situations by sharing useful information.

Shelters can help people stay together and exchange ideas. Last March, tornadoes killed at least 25 people in Nashville and central Tennessee.

People trying to escape the fury of a tornado

As USA Today reports, tornadoes have unleashed anger in several parts of the United States. The Storm Prediction Center is warning people in the Southeast about major hurricanes that will remain active on the ground for an extended period of time. Winds up to 80 mph and devastating hail will accompany them. Thousands of homes and businesses in Mississippi and Alabama were affected by power outages. The SPC is talking about at least nine tornadoes in the South. Alabama had six, Mississippi two, and Louisiana one. There are no reports of injuries.

Normally, a meteorologist issues a tornado warning when the weather service observes a storm. The SPC has issued a PDS tornado watch, a particularly dangerous situation. This observation category is problematic when there is a high risk of severe or violent tornadoes of long duration. The SPC has issued a level 5 high risk warning for severe thunderstorms in some areas. This is the highest level of risk and the first time since 2012 that such a warning has been issued in March. The consequences of climate disruption are far-reaching, as many people may be forced to start a new life if they lose the roof over their heads. People who need to be vaccinated against the coronavirus will have to wait until they have resumed normal life.

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