In recent days, he and his MPs have pushed several variants of the claim and reinforced their rhetoric as Democratic candidate Joe Biden approaches victory.

The CLIENTS were not allowed to do their job in any way, and the votes received during this period should therefore be defined as illegal, angry, Friday morning tweets, a message that Twitter has hidden and marked as part of its policy against misinformation about the elections.

First the facts: Trump’s statements are completely false. Nowhere in the United States have there been reports of systematic violations by investigative monitors. There is no evidence to support the President’s claims that GOP election observers were excluded from the trial, and Mr Trump’s campaign has yet to substantiate this broad assertion in court.

CNN has reporters across the country who followed events at polling stations on election day and the ongoing counting process and saw nothing that resembled Trump’s demands.

Below is an overview of events in the most important states.


The race in Arizona is still close. Biden leads the way, although Trump narrows the field. This week demonstrations in support of Trump broke out near polling stations, with many protesters repeating the false accusations of Trump violations.

During the early voting process CNN visited four polling stations in Phoenix and saw Republican and Democratic observers at all four polling stations. On election day CNN saw accredited election observers with video clips at the polling stations, including the fortified town of GOP Surprise and the Latin American city of Tolleson and the Azure Cleansing City.

David Eppihimer, president of Arizona’s GOP Blue Clearing in Pima County, said his party had about 300 observers at polling stations and counting stations on election day. It went well, he said Friday.


Overnight, Biden took the initiative in Georgia, while other ballots were counted.

According to CNN reporters who were also in the room at the time of the vote count, almost as many GOP observers as the election workers were in the room Thursday night when voters in Clayton County completed the vote count in a very good mood.

In addition, Gabriel Sterling, who is responsible for introducing the electoral system in Georgia, said at a press conference on Friday that the state does not see widespread violations.


At the TCF center in Detroit on Wednesday, there were at least 256 Democratic candidates and 225 Republican candidates as voters counted the last absences, official sources told CNN. There were so many competitors on both sides that officials were worried about overcrowding.

At a press conference held Thursday night, Mr. Trump made several false and misleading accusations about alleged violations by the Detroit polls. CNN has already verified these statements.

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in the state court, challenging the election observation process but only challenged a small group of about 90 ballots. However, the judge dismissed the case on Thursday.

CNN announced Wednesday that Biden will win Michigan.


After spending the whole week in the state because of the slow vote count, Biden took the lead on Friday.

Trump’s campaign lawyers claimed during the trial that GOP observers were not allowed to observe the vote count in Philadelphia or that they were not close enough to election workers in enclosed spaces.

But at Thursday’s hearing, Trump’s lawyers admitted it, and the federal judge confirmed it’s not true. The judge asked Tromp’s campaign lawyer, Jerome Marcus, to answer the question whether Tromp’s observers were allowed, and Marcus admitted that there were no zero people in the room. The city council also informed the judge that Trump’s observers were present in the hall.


Observers from both sides were present at various polling stations visited by CNN in Wisconsin on Tuesday.

At Milwaukee’s central polling station, where volunteers counted the approximately 169,000 remaining absenteeism votes on Tuesday and Wednesday, the city allowed 15 Republican, 15 Democratic, and 15 non-partisan observers at any one time. The individual observers changed over the course of the day.

CNN had designed Wednesday so that Biden would win Wisconsin.

CNN’s Catelyn Polanz and Jessica Schneider contributed to this story.

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