Santa Monica Beach, California.

Justin Anderson shared sad personal news on his Instagram page.

Star Cavallari revealed that his father, Michael Howard Anderson, died suddenly at the age of 64.

Justin shared two photos of his father smiling on the beach while paying tribute to him on his social media page.

My siblings and I unexpectedly lost our father yesterday, he writes. The loss of our beloved Beach Boy is a life-changing blow, because no one loves you like a parent. My dad was weirdly special, he had a way of being the most intense person in the room, but everyone still wanted a piece of his big heart.

Justin added that his father had a way of giving everyone his attention, and that he took it as a compliment when people told him how much he looked like him.

Growing up, my dad was the coolest guy my friends and I knew. He wrote to the barber.

This year has been too much for many of us. I know life isn’t fair, but I feel cheated today, he said. Dad… I promise I’ll hold the ship for us. I just wanted to hug him again, see his smile and hear his sweet laugh.

Justin also reminded his disciples to reach out to those they love and to say all the words that need to be said. He added that he expected to see his father on the other side one day.

Justin also shared old photos of his father on his Instagram story.

Too soon the father of our best beach boy, he wrote. I’m exhausted today.

Justin received sweet messages from fans and celebrity friends

In the comments on Justin’s post, thousands of fans and celebrity friends expressed their condolences to Justin, including Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley.

I’m really sorry Justin broke my heart for you and your family. I love you. I love you. The star of Bravo wrote: I give you a very warm kiss.

I’m sorry for your loss, Justin. To send so much love, The Hills wrote: New Beginnings star Caitlin Carter.

We love you, buddy, and we’re here for whatever you and your family need, reality TV star Todd Chrisley wrote.

I’m so sorry, Justin. What a great loss, but a life that deserves to be celebrated through close and friendly relationships, wrote Chelsea Handler.

Brittany Taylor also wrote Cavallari. I’m sending so much love your way.

And singer LeAnn Rimes also extends her condolences to Justin.

Justin attributed his father to internalizing his core values.

Christine Cavallari’s best friend grew up in the Mormon Church, but when he became gay in college, his family decided to switch to a non-denominational Christian church.

Last month, the reality TV star told People that his father supported him when he came out of the closet.

My dad is so big, but he is the cutest teddy bear in the world, he says. And I remember when I told him I was gay, my dad gave me the biggest hug. He told me verbatim: Justin, you have always made sure that everyone in your family, your cousins, are happy and feel accepted and that everyone loves you. And if you don’t get them back, they’re not worth your time. You always have to be who you are because you’ve gotten used to it. He was so sweet.

Justin also stated that he was grateful for his Mormon upbringing, as it instilled in him from a young age the values of honesty, kindness, and the importance of family.

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