Loser appears

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Armin initially acted as the timid member of the trio between himself, Eren and Mikasa, using his brain much more than his muscles. Since Eren usually fought without hesitation when they were kids and Mikasa usually got them out, Armin was the only member of the Future Search Corps who didn’t immediately opt for a physical response to threats. He also introduced Eren to the concept of the world beyond the walls in his early days, and Armin’s parents instilled this belief in him when they died trying to explore the outside world.

Armin’s optimism and critical thinking were evident from the beginning and helped form the character we know today.

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Wall-mounted waterfall

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When the wall fell, Armin, unlike Eren and Mikas, lost no one. His parents were already dead, and his grandfather was able to escape the carnage along with the young trio. Although his grandfather died on a future expedition that was essentially a suicide mission disguised as a means to bring back the Wall, there was no wave of anger in his heart like we saw in Eren. Armin began his work to save the world for purely altruistic reasons, while Eren did it for revenge and Mikasa only to protect Eren. During his training in a reconnaissance regiment, his character continued to develop.

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War is hell

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As the trio begins to maneuver through a war scenario, Armin proves once again to be the most human of all. Eren is still driven by the revenge he carries deep within him, and Mikasa joins Jaeger. Unlike his fellow Titans, Armin suffers from severe self-doubt during this period, but he finds himself again after several encounters with the Titans, especially when Eren turns out to be a Titan. At this point, with Eren, Mikasa, and Armin trapped, we got to see Armin’s true strength as he tried to negotiate with his people not to kill his friend.

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Trio of Titans

It is in the battles with Bertholdt, Rainer and Annie in their respective Titans that Armin’s character is truly forged, no longer drowning in depression, though self-doubt is still a serious factor. Armin’s biggest struggle has always been his inner battle with himself, his lack of self-confidence is perhaps his biggest weakness. Through the progression of Eren, Mikasa, and eventually Captain Erwin, the leader, we see Armin finally take his first steps into battle with his former friends as they attempt to unlock the secrets of the world.

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The power of the colossal titan and how it doesn’t matter.

As Titan Attack fans know, Armin eventually inherits the power of the Colossal Titan, but it’s a power he rarely despises or uses, perhaps because he’s aware that his mind is his true weapon. When Levi decides to let Eren and Mikasa save his friend by giving Bertholdt in trouble to Armin in his Titan form, the power of this member of the Nine seems almost secondary, as Armin simply gives him a second chance at life. In fact, the attack on Marley is the first time he has used the power of Colossal. Speaking of …. talked about

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Season 4 Making Armin a Murderer

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By attacking Marley, Armin unleashes the full power of the colossal titan, whose simple transformation creates the equivalent of a nuclear bomb. With this action, Armin kills countless innocents in a calculated act, undeterred by revenge or any emotion. Armin is cold, calculating the thinking behind this, it’s just the best way to create a distraction that will allow Eren to escape and the Survey Corps to retrieve Zeke Jaeger, according to their shadowy plans. Unfortunately, it is an indictment of the relationship between Armin and Ehren and proves that Jaeger’s shortsightedness and hatred of his enemies put his best friend in such a terrible position.

When Armin pulls Ehren’s hand on the airship, we see that things are very different now, especially in the next scene where Sasha is killed by Gabby. Armin mourned Sasha along with Mikasa, proving that although he had been hardened by the war, his character had remained largely intact.

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Armin becomes a standard hero/rescuer

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Unfortunately, Armin became the real hero of The Attack on Titan thanks to Eren, who pulled the lot of his brother Zeke to make the euthanasia plan a reality. It is in this confrontation that the true character of Armin emerges, not trying to impose his will on the world as Ehren does, but trying to find the best way to achieve peace with as little collateral damage as possible. While Armin clearly sees the benefits of the euthanasia plan in the first season finale of season four, it’s clear that Eren is willing to do anything to carry it out, which Armin just wouldn’t do.

We’ve seen all the characters in Attack of the Titan change and grow, but only with Armin have we seen him get stronger, both in character and physically. He may not be the hero we expected in the latest Explorer Corps adventure, but he’s the one we always deserved.


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