Ontario is a balm for anyone who wants to plan a retirement that won’t leave them bored to tears or broke.  Instead of throwing all of your money into a ski resort or living out your golden years in boredom on a random beach: get to know the best province that Canada has to offer.

You Can Drive to Niagara Falls at Any Time

Niagara Falls is one of the world’s most famous landmarks, and getting to live within driving distance of it is a thrilling part of living in Ontario. 

In the fall, if you catch the falls around sunset or sunrise, they look like they’re surrounded by gorgeous fire- if you visit in the spring or summer, the bright green colors could catch anyones’ eyes.  Part of retiring is getting to sightsee, and this is one of the best sites out there.

Every Season is Rich and Beautiful Here

Although some areas can feel like they only have one or two seasons: Ontario’s seasons are clear and beautiful.  In its summer, you get to enjoy beautiful golden sunlight with afternoon thunderstorms for a little excitement.

When fall sweeps in, it brings gorgeous red and golden leaves that cover every lawn and road they can reach.  Winter is long, of course, but it’s also beautiful, offering fantastic snow-covered landscape and greenery that makes every inch of the province feel like a winter wonderland.

In the spring, greenery coats the plains and gardens, and you’ll feel like the cities are coming to life around you- the seasons are so vivid here that you won’t want to miss a single moment of any of them.

Property Prices Continue to Grow and Flourish

If you want to own a property and hopefully leave it behind as an inheritance to someone that you love, there’s nowhere better to do that than Ontario.  From the expensive luxury of Toronto to the quieter cozy feeling of Halton real estate, think about what type of property speaks to you.

Buying land now, while the prices are continuing to grow rapidly, means that you may have the chance to gain a huge amount of value on the property, which will make a nice nest egg in case of an emergency, or when you want a loved one to sell it.

The Quality of Life is Worth it Alone!

Ontario has a higher quality of life than the global average, meaning that while you’re living here, you’ll be both comfortable and content.  Higher life quality often translates into longer lives, which means you’ll have more happy years living here than you would somewhere else.

Of course, there’s no guarantee how long you’ll get to enjoy your retirement, but having a good quality of life, and the fantastic healthcare that Canada offers, makes the decision a lot easier for those who aren’t sure.

Ontario is the Best Place on Earth to Retire

Although housing can be expensive here, and many don’t like the long winters: these tiny flaws are worth it for how great an area Ontario is.  From gorgeous seasons, and fantastic landmarks, to the endless art and culture on every street corner: this province is better than any other.

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