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Well, folks, the time has finally come for the post-season of fantasy.

After 13 long and busy weeks, the regular season is officially over. The play-offs are ready and there are only a few victories left between you and your championship.

It was the roller coaster of the season. But despite everything that has happened in the last three months, it is only a matter of weeks.

Whether you’re getting ready for the first round or saying goodbye and getting ready for next week, a little relief should help you bring your fantasy championship home.

In this context, here is a list of the best exceptions to the rules, which are made in the week that is the 14th week.


QB Philip Rivers, Indianapolis Colts – Rivers started his career slowly in Indianapolis and played only two of his first nine games with the Colts in a few touchdowns. In the last three passes, Rivers made at least two touchdowns in each event with a total of seven, averaging 289.3 passes per match. Rivers has two strong fights on deck; first the Colts go to Las Vegas to fight in round 14. Raider week. Then they take the Texans from Houston to Indy in week 15 and then go to Pittsburgh in week 16. With a Steelers game to avoid, Rivers is firmly on the radar for the next two games.

Buy more Jelen Hearts, Philadelphia Eagles – Doug Pederson hasn’t finished the Hearts yet.

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the Eagles start week 14, but Philadelphia seems to be on its way. Last Sunday, in a game of relief for Carson Wenz, Hurts made 5 of 12 passes at 109 yards, touchdown and intercept, and added 5 shots at 29 yards. In week 14 the saints are not an attractive game, but in week 15 and 16 Philadelphia will play the role of cardinals and cowboys. Even if you don’t want to put hordes in your lineup in week 14, it can be a very valuable addition to the QB in week 15 and later if the Eagles do it as quarterback for the rest of the season. Now add the pain and hide it for the last two weeks of the imaginary post-season.


RB Tigh Johnson, New York Jets – Johnson got his first extensive action of the season last Sunday, and although he walked behind the front line of the jets, he actually looked good. For the second year in a row, the 22-seater registration led to a touchdown of 104 metres (4.7 yards avenue), while two passes for 13 metres were caught. Jet planes on their way to Seattle for the 14th Airport Match this weekend against the Seahawks. While Seattle will be looking for ways to play the long road to defeat the Giants in week 13, they allowed Wayne Gellman and Alfred Morris to join forces at 174 yards on 24 flights (7.3 yard avenue). There’s always a risk in taking off a plane, but Johnson seems well prepared for another solid performance in week 14, when Frank Gore (concussion) can’t get dressed.

Р. B. Adrian Peterson, Detroit Lions. And this one with a warning. Peterson hasn’t aged very well when he’s passed the ball to the Lions in recent weeks. However, in the last two games Peterson broke the 50-yard barrier twice and ended up in the end zone. But Peterson hasn’t scored more than four touchdowns in the last two weeks since week six. If D’André Swift is spared the concussion (perhaps because he has already missed three games), Peterson will remain a strong banner player for the next two weeks. Detroit will play two games in a row against a bad defense. The Lions play with the Packers in week 14 and the Titans in week 15. With the departure of Swift, Peterson has to stay with the fantastic cast.

RB Cordarrelle Patterson, Chicago Bears David Montgomery enjoys a small breakthrough himself, but Patterson’s performance in week 13 cannot be ignored. For the second time this season, Patterson has recorded a two-digit number. The 13th. During the week against Lviv, the veteran ran 10 times with the ball for 59 yards and landed. Montgomery will continue to lead the bears in the backfield to a touchdown, but Patterson will probably keep some fantasy value to himself. The Bears have a great schedule for the remaining two laps, as each of their three closest rivals in the top 10 of the fantasy points had a chance to play against them (Houston, Minnesota, Jacksonville). If anything happens to Montgomery, Patterson could end up winning the competition. If you have an extra spot on the list, throw the dice and catch Patterson.

Broadband receivers

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WR Keke Coutee, Houston Texas – Will Fuller had his best season in the NFL before finishing his disqualification last week. After the end of Fuller’s year, Kuti started to play a major role in the thirteenth week and resigned. The third receiver of the summer scored nine goals for the team and led the Texans with eight 141-metre shots. Despite some tough races ahead (bears and foals in week 14 and 15), the best option for Deshaun Watson should be yours. Brandin Cooks will probably have more important games than Coutee, but as we’ve seen in Watson, he can make two star-shaped receivers in his imagination. Coutee will be back in Houston on Sunday, which means there’s still a chance he’ll score a free touchdown to give the owners’ imagination a shot in the arm.

WR T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis Colts. For over a month now, many people have been talking about a possible post-season wave for Hilton. The veteran was in the middle of the worst season of his career and it seemed he couldn’t handle Philip Rivers under the center. However, that story has changed in recent weeks and on Sunday Hilton played his best game of the year. Hilton caught eight implements at 11 targets, finished at 110 meters and a touchdown. He already has a lead of 80 yards and scores a touchdown in each of his last two games, and with the schedule ahead of him Indy should continue his success in the fantastic late season. Hilton gets the Raiders in the 14th and Texas in the 15th. That makes him an almost indispensable candidate for the first two rounds of the imaginative playoffs. If someone has already given up the Hilton and taken it off the list, you should claim it now and take advantage of its late success in the coming weeks.

WR Rushard Higgins, Cleveland Browns – Higgins stood up after an injury to Odell Beckham Jr. in the 7. week of the season on that list, but his imagination has lost much of its importance since then. But in the great 13. The week in Cleveland, the victory of the Higgins Titans reminded the team of what they can do if Baker Mayfield and the Brownes hit the pass. Higgins made six nine-target passes in 95 yards and a touchdown – his first result in six weeks. No doubt Browns would prefer to kick the ball to the ground every week, but as we saw last Sunday, Mayfield can walk on the ball and put the team on the back. Next week, the Ravens will have a strong opponent when they compete against the Ravens on Monday. After the championship match, Cleveland travels to East Rutherford, New Jersey, to face the two teams that have made MetLife Stadium their home. While the Giants didn’t look so easy anymore, fantasy owners couldn’t dream of a better enemy than the jets in week 16. In the play-offs, Higgins can be a big fancy man for fancy owners.

Company closure

TE Cole Kmet, the Chicago Bears… Let me start by saying that there are no big options this week with a tight exemption wire. The difficult final position was pretty thin throughout the season and in week 13 there were no new names. But Kmet has significantly extended his playing time in the last three games and on Sunday the newcomer managed to keep the first touchdown of the sixth round in a tight circle. Kmet ended the game with five traps on seven targets for 37 meters and a touchdown. The most important thing for Kmet is Chicago’s remaining schedule – with upcoming games against Houston, Minnesota and Jacksonville, Kmet may well fill the TE banner for the imaginative post-season.

TE Anthony Firkser, Tennessee Titan Again, I advise you to be careful with this recommendation. In week 13, Firxer put on a good show against the Brownes and scored five out of seven goals of 51 meters. Johnny Smith missed this match because of a knee injury, and it remains to be seen how long he will miss it. If Smith doesn’t make it next week, Firxer will be back on the radar in week 14 when the Titans receive the Jaguars in the first round of the playoffs. If Smith’s at 15… …week, Firxer will be the best piece of land for a good match against Lviv. This situation will be observed throughout the week, but for those in urgent need of a narrow side, Firkser can be a reliable option if Smith can’t get dressed.

Defence Forces/Special Operations

Tennessee Titans GBT – It’s true that the Titans’ defense didn’t look very solid throughout the season. They were just applauded by Baker Mayfield and the Brownes for 41 points, and they looked pretty awful all the time. But Tennessee is still fighting for a spot in the playoffs, and the next two rivals are ideal candidates for the right goal in Mike Rabbel’s team. The Titans take the Jaguars in week 14 and the Lions in week 15. For those of you who have been on defense all season and can’t get 49ers, the Titans are a good range of fall opportunities.

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