Fans of the film had a pleasant surprise on Christmas Day when Wonder Woman made his debut on HBO Max in 1984. DC’s long-awaited film gives the audience enough to look forward to as it continues the story of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) on the big screen in an unprecedented era of her story. The film certainly has many trump cards, as it puts on the silver screen several emblematic villains from Diana’s thieves’ gallery. If you’re still having trouble digesting the end of the film, we’re here to help. The main spoilers of Wonder Woman 1984 below ! Don’t look unless you want to know!

In addition to Diana’s new life as a museum curator in Washington, DC, the film includes Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) and Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal). The meeting of the trio is dominated by a jewel saved from the raid on the department store that Wonder Woman stopped at the beginning of the film. Throughout the film, the characters learn that the stone, called the Stone of Dreams, is capable of fulfilling the wishes of those who own it. Diana unconsciously uses her desire to get Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) back, but begins to lose her powers. Barbara uses it to become more self-assured as Diana, which puts her on the path to becoming a cheetah, and along the way she loses her soul and her humanity. Meanwhile, the Lord uses his desire to become the Stone of Dreams and gives him the power to fulfill people’s desires, a power he quickly uses to gain power and influence throughout the United States, but at the expense of his physical health. But Lord wants a world power and finds his way to a secret military base with the ability to broadcast videos to viewers all over the world.

Diana learns that the only way to undo the Dreamstone’s influence is to get everyone to give up their wish or destroy the Dreamstone itself. Dressed in golden eagle armor, Diana sneaks into a military base and enters into a physical fight with Barbara that ends with a brief electric shock, but without killing her. It then moves toward the Lord, who is at the center of his worldwide influence, and influences people to fulfill their desires, whatever the consequences may be. Diana manages to wrap her lasso of truth around the Lord and use her worldwide influence to make people give up their desires.

From there the film ends: Lord finds his young son with emotion, and Diana crosses Handsome’s path, which Steve has imitated on earth. In the end, Diana uses her new flying power to take to the air and help the people in the world who need her.

Although the end ends in a rather sentimental arch, it also raises a number of new questions. The nature of the future of Barbara and Maxwell Lord remained in limbo, especially since both have given up their wishes and given up their powers. There is also the question of how Diana has turned away from humanity in the decades she spent in the Batman v. case. have established Superman of 2016: The Dawn of Justice, also known as the 4th. World War II broadcasts. The answers to these questions – in Wonder Woman 3 or in another episode of the DCEU – can still be seen.

What do you think of Wonder Woman 1984? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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