ARLINGTON, Texas — Kirk Gibson’s home run was good, but he also followed his run. The clip stayed close to the Dodgers in Los Angeles, consumed their programming and was broadcast in their stadium in an almost constant loop. It was an important moment from a bygone era, from a championship won more than three decades earlier. A new memory is a long time ago.

We’ve heard and seen a lot of highlights and it’s fantastic, said Dave Roberts, fifth year manager of Dodgers. But we want to make our mark on Dodger’s history.

On Tuesday, in a neutral stadium 1,400 miles from Los Angeles, at the end of a bizarre season played against the backdrop of a global health crisis, the Dodgers finally left their mark. The 3-1 victory at the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 6 of the 2020 World Series was their first championship after Gibson became a famous boxer in 1988. It was a fitting highlight for a dominant franchise.

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Tony Gonsolin, considered a traditional starter, has only recorded five releases. However, four of them – Dylan Floro, Alex Wood, Pedro Baez and Victor Gonzalez – eliminated 13 of the next 14 fighters and kept the game alive long enough for the Dodgers to pass the electric Blake Snell and connect to the Reyes Bullpen.

After Ray’s manager, Kevin Cash, turned to Nick Anderson with an on, an off and the tip of his nose, which was to happen for the third time in the sixth round, the Dodgers’ attack finally came to life. Mookie Betts doubled the bet, Austin Barnes scored on a wild pitch and Betts slipped safely home on a grouse on the right. Betting, an off-season acquisition that somehow exceeded all expectations, made a major homerun in the eighth round and in the next round, Julio Urias crossed the finish line and led the Dodgers to the title 16 days after the Los Angeles Lakers finished their championship tour.

Now it is Roberts, who has guessed the decisions of October, who is the champion. Justin Turner, an old Dodgers fan who considers Homer Gibson his first baseball memory, is a champion. Clayton Kershaw, who was ridiculed for his flaws after the season, is the champion. Kenley Jansen, who was stripped of his team title, is the champion.

The Dodgers, kings of the Western National League for eight consecutive years, are finally champions again.

After years of disappointment in October, Clayton Kershaw left the field with a standing ovation and leadership. Jeff Pasan

That’s what you think about when you’re a kid, said Corey Seager, MVP World Series, after scoring 1,256 OPS. You wonder what it’s like, you want to hear it and do it with this team and this group, and it couldn’t be more special.

Their journey began with the most aggressive movement of the Andrew Friedman era, which took place on the 10th. The month of February ended when an important part of a promising future for a Betts season was sent to the Boston Red Sox. The subsequent spring training filled Friedman with optimism, which he rarely allows. The older players looked lively, the younger ones regained consciousness, and Betts is impressed by the important tone of engagement.

The coronavirus pandemic then swept across the United States, interrupting what was left of spring training and putting an end to the sport for more than three months.

The hardest part of the quarantine was that I felt we’d never get a chance to see this team play, Friedman said. It was extremely difficult.

When Major League Baseball resumed in July, the Dodgers were one of the biggest teams in baseball history.

Los Angeles knew he’d get an MVP. But part of what Mookie does best goes way beyond what’s on the back of his baseball card. Alden Gonzalez Why did Boston trade with Mookie?

They won 43 out of 60 races and eventually reached the fourth highest race difference in modern times. Cody Bellinger, Max Muncey and Jock Pederson fought through a shortened, fanless season without access to the game’s video, but the Dodger attack still led to the Majors to escape. Their first rotation was lost by Hyung Jin Ryu, Rich Hill, Kenta Maeda and David Price, the latter having refused to participate, but was congratulated by the second largest ERA in the sport. Bets signed before the opening day of the record extension were played as MVPs. Seeger is back in one of the best short films of the game. Dustin May and Gonsolin did their thing for the Rookie of the Year award. Will Smith turned out to be the best catcher. Kershaw is back in bloom.

The Dodgers made it to the first two rounds of the extended post-season and it wasn’t until they met the brave men from Atlanta in the League’s National Championship Series that they felt challenged.

We showed up every day and surpassed everyone in terms of talent, and it was easy, said old pitcher Dodgers Wood. We’ve never had a big challenge in the regular season or in the first two rounds, and then we get a slap in the face, we go down 2-0, and it’s like : What the hell just happened? We just did better than everyone else all season, and we didn’t know what we were made of, who we really were as a team.

The Dodgers split the next two games to follow 3-1 and look forward to the answer. A long chain of texts, in which each member of the team – including Price, who felt his presence despite his absence – began to develop a theme based on the possibility of achieving something special. Three straight victories followed – all difficult, all with a game that changed Betts’ defence – and a sense of invincibility.

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Playback round, calendar and other

The World Series was the crowning achievement. The Dodgers fans travelled en masse, creating the impression that a stadium with a neutral pitch is a solid home stadium for a quarter of the pitch. The Dodgers’ attack – led by Seeger, Turner and Mansi on points 2 to 4 – sets a new standard for home run distribution and double production. For the first time in his career, Kershaw won two games in the same post-season series. Again Walker Bühler turned out to be a real bait.

The Dodgers looked forward to a heartbreaking loss in match four after making a comedy mistake to score two points at the end of the ninth, but they came back to win match five. In the sixth. The Dodgers did what they did best: They kept the game tight, waited for the dominant pitcher and came too late.

There have been many times that we have sat as a group, we have sat in front of you [the media] and we have talked about it inside and with you: This is the best team we’ve ever played for, according to Henrique Hernandez of the Dodgers Infilder. I think we all agree this season that this is the best team we’ve seen since we got here.

The 2020 campaign is different from all the others, with protocols that often make players happy. The shortest and most unconventional regular season was followed by the longest and most unstable post-season. For most of October it was conquered by the Dodgers trapped in the Dallas bubble. When it all started, they were asked if winning this year’s championship would be even more exciting.

In the end, many came to the conclusion that it could be even more special.

This year has clearly been crazy, but whatever happens, we will look back and become world champions, Kershaw said. And saying it and being a part of it is certainly something very special. You know, the only thing that would probably be better is if we were at Dodger Stadium tonight, which is awkward, but there were so many Dodger fans there tonight. This place has always been a Dodger fan.pwhpa logo,minnesota whitecaps twitter,women's hockey blog,nwhl nasdaq,phwa,nwhl free agency

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