3 best trade destinations for Blake Griffin with Pistons looking to deal


The former Detroit Pistons star was already in the crosshairs when the Cleveland Cavaliers announced they would be looking to move Andre Drummond. Piston star Blake Griffin is also being watched.

The Pistons will put veteran Blake Griffin up front as they look for business options. Griffin had one of the best seasons of his career with the team in 2018-19, but the last few seasons have been marked by injuries and poor play.

Blake Griffin has done very poorly so far. In his first 20 appearances, he averaged just 12.3 points and 5.2 rebounds, and his number of assists is also lower than in recent seasons. The former number one shoots just 36.5% from the field and 31.5% from beyond the arc.

Blake Griffin’s poor record could make his transfer more difficult, especially considering he has a $38 million option for next season that he will surely take. But the Pistons are still going to try.

Let’s take a look at three potential candidates for Blake Griffin.

Blake Griffin Targets:

3. Dallas Mavericks

It seems like the Mavs really want to get a star. So why not take a chance on Blake Griffin?

Of course, Blake Griffin’s shooting numbers are down. But he’s still capable of playing a big role, who can also dive to the edge in the striker’s area and act as another ball handler.

Adding Blake Griffin to the rotation could pave the way for guys like Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis, as he can score in a variety of models. Dallas also has a number of players who can make a deal.

James Johnson and Boban Marjanovic both have expiring contracts. Johnson gave Dallas some advantage and the strength the Mavs needed after their playoff performance last year. But he fought to throw the ball and offers little more than his physical presence. Marjanovic is a fan favorite and can produce a lot, but he’s not a crucial piece to Dallas’ depth on the front line.

Dwight Powell could be the kicker in the Blake Griffin case. Powell emerged as a star of the 2018-19 season, averaging 10.6 points and 5.3 rebounds per game in just over 21 minutes for the Mavs’ team. He is very athletic and can extend his game around the perimeter.

But Powell didn’t play much on Dallas’ front bench. He got a good deal, and the Mavs should sell him for the right price.

The matching of Mr. Powell’s expiring contracts may be sufficient to mitigate any return projects Detroit pursues under the Mavs agreement. It’s unclear what the Pistons will charge, but given Blake Griffin’s numbers and the option of a major player, they may have a hard time raising capital.

Still, the Mavs could be interesting business partners.

2. Miami Heat

Blake Griffin will undoubtedly be energized by the move to South Beach, and he could very well fit into head coach Eric Spoelstra’s structure.

Heat should provide play and intervals. Blake Griffin can deliver both when things are going well for him, and he also adjusts to the small ball as a forward.

This is going to be a priority for Miami. Could the Heat possibly reach star goalies like Kyle Lowry, Victor Oladipo or even Zach LaVine? Bradley Beal would be an ideal acquisition, but the Washington Wizards have given no indication that they are willing to move the guard from the star combo.

Add to that the fact that each of the players mentioned would definitely cost Miami one of Tyler Herro or Duncan Robinson in a Blake Griffin case. The stove may not want to part with any of them.

So we’re back to Blake Griffin.

The potential return on investment is there for the Heat if they think Blake can get back to his old form. Miami may have a hard time convincing Goran Dragic to make the deal the Heat need to make, but they have another player at the end of his contract in Kelly Olinik, and Blake Griffin offers more potential as another forward (like Bam Adebayo) who can set up his teammates and play on the rebound.

1. San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs are too logical a landing spot for Blake Griffin.

At 16-11, San Antonio is in the thick of Western Conference action. DeMar DeRozan plays at a high level, as does Dejounte Murray and young Swan Keldon Johnson. Leader Derrick White has barely played this season, so the Spurs seem to have an even higher ceiling.

Another star may need to be acquired to make a concerted push in the West, and Blake Griffin is an option, especially with the recent injury to LaMarcus Aldridge.

Aldridge has a hip injury, and his return schedule is unknown. Besides, Aldridge’s contract is up.

The Spurs could move Aldridge alongside Trey Lyles (also expiring), and like Keita, add Bates-Diop for the Pistons in exchange for Blake Griffin, who could actually provide the same value as Aldridge in San Antonio.

Aldridge may be an established rebounder, but Blake Griffin is better at making the transition and diving to the rim and can stretch the ground, which Aldridge has done very well in recent years.

The other reason it might make sense for the Spurs is to get more money off the books next season, especially for DeRozan.

If Blake’s experiment fails, Spurs could hope to use him next season as a commercial asset on an expiring contract. But if they succeed and Blake Griffin regains his form, San Antonio could surprise some western teams.

frequently asked questions

What did the Pistons trade for Blake Griffin?

In January 2018, the Pistons, led by president and head coach Stan Van Gundy, traded their spot for that of Griffin and the future draft picks of Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic and the first and second round draft picks of the Los Angeles Clippers. Griffin was in the first year of a five-year, $171 million contract he signed a few months earlier.

What is Blake Griffin’s net worth?

Blake Griffin’s net worth and salary: Blake Griffin is an American professional basketball player with a net worth of $110 million.

Where is Blake Griffin playing at the moment?

Blake Griffin.

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