A Guide to Diamond Varieties, Qualities, and Cuts

Diamond is an attractive precious metal used in various parts of the world. Understanding what types of diamonds are available in the market is critical. Also, you need to know the various qualities and cuts you can invest in or sell if you intend to be a retailer.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about diamonds. It will look at the varieties, qualities, and cuts that will help you make it easy to invest in diamond jewelry and other items. It will help to read to the end to know why diamonds are worth buying and how to choose them.

Let’s get started with everything you should know about diamonds.

The Different Types of Diamonds

Two main diamond types are known to many people; natural and lab-grown diamonds. Treated and natural fancy color diamonds aren’t as popular as the two major ones. But then, we will discuss the four types to help you make informed decisions when investing in diamonds and jewelry.

1. Natural Diamonds

There isn’t much to say about natural diamonds. As the name suggests, these are diamonds born deep in the Earth. They are regular white colorless diamonds found only through mining. Diamonds can be found up to 120 km deep in the Earth, in extreme temperatures and pressure.

This is the type of diamond that comes into mind when someone talks about diamonds. It can be used for making different kinds of diamond jewelry. Natural diamonds come in different shapes and cuts. As we progress with this article, we’ll look at the most popular shapes and cuts.

2. Lab-Grown Diamonds

The other popular type of diamond is lab-grown. It is created in a lab and looks exactly like a natural diamond. One of the most popular questions people ask when they hear about them is, “are lab grown diamonds real?” This is because of the striking resemblance between the two.

Yes, lab created diamonds are real diamonds, not fake. Chemically, structurally, and visually, lab created diamonds are the same as natural diamonds. Manufacturers make them using the same process as to how natural diamonds are formed. 

They also ensure lab grown diamonds have all the key properties natural diamonds have. Lab grown diamonds are durable and shiny but significantly cheaper. It’s also important to note that they are more environmentally friendly. This is because the process happens in a controlled environment. There’s no need to mine the Earth and disrupt ecology with lab created diamonds.

3. Treated Diamonds

This is another type of diamond that’s worth noting. It is a set of natural diamonds that didn’t come out as expected. This could mean they have lots of inclusions, and their color isn’t like that of a regular diamond. Such flaws can affect the quality and value of the diamond.

Such diamonds do not get disposed of despite having several flaws. Instead, they get treated to hide these flaws and increase value. The inclusions get filled and the color enhanced. This makes them look better but not necessarily like naturally clean diamonds; thus, they’re cheaper.

4. Natural Fancy Color Diamonds

This is the rarest of all types of diamonds we’ve discussed. It is also one of the most unique and fascinating types. Natural fancy color diamonds come in all the colors of the rainbow. The most common colors for this type of diamond are pink and canary yellow.

But then, you can also find them in a wide range of colors. The challenge, though, is that such diamonds tend to be expensive. This is because they’re extremely rare. They are rare, which makes them significantly expensive.

All these types of diamonds get used in different ways. They help make jewelry like stud earrings, proposal rings, engagement rings, and other wedding day diamonds. The price you pay for diamond jewelry will depend on the type of diamond used.

What is a “Diamond Cut”?

This guide won’t be complete without discussing diamond cuts. This is how a diamond has been cut or how it’s polished. Many people confuse diamond cut with diamond shape; these two are different. The cut is the most critical of all the 4Cs and impacts a diamond’s beauty and value.

Diamond-Cut Grades and Their Prices

It is vital to look at the various diamond cut grades. As we said, diamond-cut determines value, meaning it’s a pricing factor. Diamond cuts can be excellent or poor. Excellent means it scores high on brilliance, symmetry, and polish, while poor means the opposite.

The diamond cut can also fall under different cut grades. These include fair, good, and very good. If you are looking for the highest level of brilliance and fire, then an excellent cut diamond will be a good pick. But if you’re willing to overlook brilliance, then a fair or poor cut will do.

One factor that will determine what you buy is your budget. A low budget will limit you on the diamond cut you can go for. However, you have the freedom to go for any cut when you have enough money to spend. You can sacrifice in areas like the size but ensure you get a good cut.

Choosing the Best Diamond Cuts

You also need to know how to choose the best diamond cuts. It is worth mentioning that cut is one of the factors you should not overlook when choosing diamonds. Thus, you must follow all the insights shared in this post to ensure you choose the best diamond cut for your needs.

We would advise that you ensure you choose the best diamond cut grade. You should ensure your focus is on the excellent cut diamonds. This will guarantee you maximum brilliance and ensure you have the best. This will have diamond jewelry that stands out.

Final Thoughts: Choosing Diamonds Should Be Easier With These Tips

This article has looked into everything you should know about diamonds. You cannot go wrong with using these insights to choose diamonds. They will help you choose the diamond’s right variety, quality, and cut. This information is critical for anyone looking to invest in diamonds.

You can now choose from the various types of diamonds. You can invest in natural or lab-grown diamonds. You could also consider natural fancy color diamonds or treated diamonds. For the cut, you will look at how much brilliance you want or how much of it you are ready to sacrifice.

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