Protect Your Fire Pit with Quality Fire Pit Covers

There are several fire pit cover options available on the market with their own respective features. You can find fire pit covers made from fire-resistant fabrics, fire-proof materials, and fire-retardant chemicals. But we will talk about fire pit covers made from natural elements such as concrete and steel.

Fire Pit Cover Concrete

Concrete fire pit covers are very strong and durable because of its weight and high compressive strength. To get correct measurements for your fire pit cover consider the size of hole in the middle. For example, a round fire pit needs a circular concrete cover to fit it without leaving any gaps that would allow rainwater or snow to get into it. If you have an oval or rectangle shaped fire pit you need to order fire pit cover with dimensions that are closest to the fire pit’s measurements.

If you need fire pit covers in more than one size, place each fire pit cover on top of the fire pit and outline the shape using spray paint or chalk. Then remove fire pit cover and cut along your line with a circular saw. If you don’t want to measure yourself, leave enough room for error by ordering one size up.

Fire Pit Cover Steel

Firepit covers made from steel are also very durable even though they cannot be custom-sized like concrete fire pits can. They come in standard sizes which mean if you have an oval shaped fire pit (48 inches long x 28 inches wide) then buying 55 inch long steel fire pit cover would fit it properly.

Fire pit covers provide fire pits with additional protection from the elements, reduce fire hazards and if you have fire-resistant fabrics they would prevent sparks from flying out. Whichever fire pit cover you choose please remember that fire pits are only meant to be used outdoors because of its construction – concrete or steel does not burn therefore fire pit covers made from these materials will last for many years to come.

Who doesn’t love sitting around a campfire? Now Imagine how much more enjoyable it would be if you didn’t have to worry about weighting down your firewood, finding sticks that are dry enough, or having any naughty forest creatures take off with your firewood right before lighting! Also an added bonus is if you want to move firewood inside during the winter months fire pit cover will protect it from the elements!

One of the easiest ways to get your fire pit started is with fire starter fluid. Simply squirt some on top of kindling and BAM fire in less than five minutes

Who can resist fun in the sun?

From sunny Florida to breezy California, summertime means lake time, backyard BBQs, pool parties, or beach days. And no matter where you reside, there’s nothing quite like relaxing while you soak up some vitamin D after a long cold winter. But while basking in 70 degree weather sounds great on paper, that warmth brings out bugs by the tons, and many of those insects are more than willing to chow down on your exposed skin.

Cockroaches, mosquitoes, and fire ants come to mind first when thinking about pesky summer pests, but did you know that fire flies (also known as lightning bugs) love warm weather too? And although fire flies aren’t exactly harmful to humans, fire fly bites do hurt like the dickens! Plus afterwards your skin will be itchy for hours – if not days – depending on how much venom was injected into the wound.

Just like other bug bites fire ant bites can cause a red welt which then becomes hard and swollen where you were bitten. Fire fly bites tend to swell as well but may also become itchy and painful with fire fly venom also comes with a droplet of clear liquid.

Before you go to bed this summer, make sure fire pit is covered and has fire pit cover to prevent pests from biting you while you sleep!

Just like finding the perfect fire pit cover for your outdoor fire place is important so is finding the right fire pit cooking grill or rack that suits your needs and yard space best!

Have an old rusty grate lying around that was used years ago when you had a big fire going in your outdoor fireplace? Why not turn it into a barbecue grill and enjoy some sizzling beef fajitas over an open fire! This fire pit cooking idea will work especially well if you live somewhere with a long firepit season.


If you have a large fire pit cooking grill whether it is square or round an adjustable fire pit cooking grate is the way to go so you can control how close your food gets to the flames. If you have a smaller firepit cooking area then buying an extender piece that fits on your existing firepit grill rack should solve your space issues. Just remember that heat rises so there’s no need to worry about being too close to the heat source with any size fire pit barbecue grill just as long as it’s not directly touching it!

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