Some celebrations of the hot weather blockade have gone too far, with punches and drinks being thrown (Photo: Ashley Kirk)

Under the evening sun, hundreds of drunks celebrated the lifting of the coronavirus embargo.

This comes after the government’s message to stay at home was derailed this week, coinciding with a three-day mini-heatwave in which temperatures rose to 24 degrees Celsius.

Six people – or two entire households – can now meet outside, including in private gardens, for the first time in four months.

Most people had a drink with friends in small groups in the parks to celebrate their new freedoms, but it seems that some people took the conversation too far and had the rules of social distance broken.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Arboretum in Nottingham city centre, but the festivities ended in violence when drinkers started pushing and throwing drinks.

Video footage shows more and more people coming together to watch the drama, shouting and filming what is happening.

And in the evening, a large number of empty cans, bottles and boxes were left on the lawn.

Golfers, swimmers and tennis players eagerly resumed their activities yesterday, with the relaxation of restrictions also allowing for the resumption of outdoor sports.

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People celebrated their new freedoms in parks across the country – here in Nottingham (Photo: Ashley Kirk)

People were happy to be reunited with their friends when segregation measures were eased (Photo: Ashley Kirk)

But for some, it was too much: fights broke out and alcohol was thrown into the arboretum (Photo: Ashley Kirk).

People gathered to watch and film the drama that unfolded (Photo: Ashley Kirk).

The prime minister said he hoped people would take advantage of the nice weather to exercise or take exercise, but advised them to be careful.

At a press conference on Downing Street yesterday, he said: I know how much the government has asked of people over the past year, but I also know how beautifully people have responded – with incredible patience and resilience.

I think in the vast majority of cases, people are determined to keep doing that, and they understand the need for caution.

Although people can now see their friends and loved ones, the government warns them not to break the rules of social exclusion by doing things like hugging.

Large amounts of trash, cans and empty bottles were left on the lawn that night (Photo: Ashley Kirk).

Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston said: Please don’t hug me.

I want to hug my mom too. Politicians are human beings and need a hug just like anyone else, he added.

At this stage, the message is still being held back. We have a rule of six – you can now visit friends and family in their gardens – it’s kind of an open message.

But it’s also uncomfortable, please don’t hug each other, because what you’re doing is endangering the health of the people you love.

Plus: Coronavirus

It’s only a matter of time. Over time, we will explore social distancing and other measures.

The purpose of this roadmap is to take it step by step, be careful, look at the measures, see where we stand.

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