Fault! The file name is not specified. Diego Maradona said that his first goal for England in the 1986 World Championships was scored by the hand of God BONGARDS.

In preparation for his 60th birthday. On his 50th birthday, the great Argentinean Diego Maradona gave an interview to French Football on Friday, in which he said he dreamed of scoring a goal in England with his right hand.

The quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico are always a defining moment in his career and perhaps even in his life. It was, of course, the match in which he led the Albiceste against England with the famous hand of God – he skilfully hit the ball into the net without being caught by the officials – and then, with an extraordinary solo effort, doubled the lead that went on to win the poll for the FIFA goal of the century.

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His performance and goals against Belgium in the semi-finals could have been even better. In the final round against West Germany he won the match thanks to a perfectly executed pass by Jorge Burruhaga.

There were great successes in the beginning with Argentinos Jr. a short but very popular run with Boca Jr. and perhaps his best and most enduring work, the Italian titles with Naples. But this Mexican day against England always stands out. This is largely due to the opposition – and not only because England and Argentina fought over the Falklands only four years earlier.

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Maradona is a perfect example of the dynamics of the game in South America. Represented by the British and full of European prestige, it was reinterpreted by the locals, who thought the game was well suited to the style of ballet, which was, of course, for those with a low center of gravity. This new interpretation in turn led to victories and international recognition.

Little Maradona, stocky, was an Argentine hermit who lived a national fantasy that day against England. Like all very gifted players, he was much more sinful than against sin, and he played at a time when the game was developing physically and the referees offered little protection. Courage was a necessity, and part of the survival strategy was a sense of perfidy – very clear in this controversial hand of God’s plan. The message to his compatriots was clear: The English may have the formal power, but we’re smarter. And if we scream the second door, we’re better off. The whole game is written according to the scenario of the old dream of the nation.

Sport was a powerful symbol, and nothing in Maradona’s life will ever be the same again. Former Argentine captain Roberto Perfumo compared to Julius Caesar. The Roman emperor held the men behind his back and whispered in his ear that he was only mortal. According to Perfumo, Argentine society is usually the opposite of Maradona.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Diego Maradona led Argentina to their second victory at the 1986 World Championship in Mexico. AP photo/Carlo Fumagalli, file

But even if he deified, Diego is not a god. Life after 1986 has not been easy. There were wild excesses, some lived on people. There were many times that it seemed unlikely that he would even celebrate his 60th birthday. Birthdays should be celebrated. Many people in Argentina and around the world love and identify with him all the more because he tends to slip up and down and then let himself be captured and reinvented.

Maradona is currently in training for high school, the relatively weak side of the Argentine first division. I’m sure he could have done without it and didn’t show up in person. But he decided to stay on the line and attach the order form to the wall – it’s a nice extra, of course. Since mid-March, when the coronavirus pandemic forced the cessation, there have been no more games, but the date deliberately chosen for a restart is Friday, Maradona’s birthday. And the gym was the first to get up and let the ball roll home for the bossato.

However, it seems unlikely that Maradona will be present. Argentina is currently in the worst situation as a result of the pandemic, and after having had contact with someone who tested positive, Maradona finds itself in forced isolation.

Months of segregation have reportedly been unsuccessful. But given his age and background, he is clearly in danger and needs protection – the gym has advised him not to train when he starts again in August. For all the joy he had, he probably deserved to go to the other side of the pandemic and celebrate many more birthdays, undergo other trials, and keep dreaming of goals he wanted to score, whether they were legal or not.

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