We’ve got a new trailer for the relief. This is the latest film from Saban Films, shot by director Jamie Babbitt. With Drew Barrymore (50 first dates, The Santa Clarita Diet). We’ll get the Barrymore twice for the price of one. As you can see in the trailer, Barrymore plays not one, but two different roles in the film – that of an unhappy actress and that of her understudy. Hence the name.

The trailer begins with a look at one of Drew Barrymore’s characters, an actress named Candy Black, who is the main character and plays a big box-office joke. But dear America does a lot to tarnish its reputation. Meanwhile, Candy’s understudy, also played by Barrymore, dreams of becoming as big a star as she is. But if Candy’s sentenced to 90 days of rehab, they have a plan to switch places. It’s not surprising that things don’t go as planned.

Jamie Babbitt directs and works on the Sam Bane scenario. The cast consists of Michael Blessing, T.J. Miller, Ally Kemper, Holland Taylor and Michelle Buto. In recent years, Miller has been widely deported from Hollywood for sexual abuse. It is therefore remarkable that it is included here. Babbitt has performed in a number of high-profile shows, including Russian Doll, Silicon Valley, Super Girl and Brooklyn 9. Bane has written on shows like Pip Show, Babylon and Fresh Meat.

Caddy Vanasyriculicul, Brian O’Shea, Amber Trusdell, Chris Miller and Tom McNulty as producers. The executive producers are Drew Barrymore, Nancy Juvonen, Christelle Conan, Anders Erden, Simon Williams, Nat McCormick, Giovanna Trishitta, Missy Wrigley Miller, Jane Hancock, Ross Babbitt, Danny Tipper, John Jenks, Joe Simpson, Jay Taylor and Bane. Saban seized his rights shortly after the film was screened at the Tribeca Films Festival, Bill Bromily said.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Drew Barrymore’s acting talent is fully visible on screen and will make the audience laugh as she transforms smoothly between her two characters. We will continue to report on the independent film, and after seeing the film at the Tribeca Film Festival, we will present it to our viewers in these difficult times.

When actress Candy (Drew Barrymore) is sentenced to one year of rehabilitation, she hires him on set to take his place. A discreet woman turns the script upside down and steals her identity, her career and her boyfriend. Drew Barrymore recently organized his own show. His last major role was as Netflix in the regime of Santa Clarita. Barrymore hasn’t directed a film since 2015, Miss You.

In recent years Saban has become an important distributor. Studio releases in 2020 include Guns Akimbo, Vivarium, We Summon the Darkness and Most Wanted. Stand In will be available in the selected rooms, on request and in digital format on the 11th. December. Don’t forget to watch the new trailer on the YouTube channel of Saban Films.

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