Carlos Saines Carlos Saines leaves McLaren at the end of the 2020 season and joins Ferrari for a two-year tournament.

F1 bosses have rejected Ferrari’s request to Carlos Saines to sign up for 2021 to complete the post-season test in Abu Dhabi next week.

And this despite the fact that the FIA has allowed the two-time world champion Fernando Alonso to join Renault.

The test was originally intended for young riders who could not compete for more than two grand prizes.

The decision of the FIA to grant exemptions to some teams, but not to others, led to problems in the pit lane.

Opponents who did not wish to comment publicly are concerned that Renault has returned to what was originally intended as an economic gesture when the decision to limit testing to young drivers was taken in April, as part of the coronavirus blockade.

And they are angry that the FIA has a rule that is not the same for all teams.

In the note that FIA race director Michael Masi gave the teams Tuesday and saw from Sport, the report says that I want to make it clear that for drivers who have competed in more than two Formula 1 races in their careers, the approval of the FIA… depends on the condition that they have not participated in a Formula 1 race during the 2020 season.

The rule governing the test states that it will only be carried out to allow young drivers to test a valid Formula 1 car and states that drivers taking part in the test must not have participated in more than two Formula 1 races, unless otherwise permitted by FIA.

Renault has pledged to Alonso, 39, who has owned 32 giants since the signing of the contract last summer, after the decision to return to the sport he left at the end of 2018.

In addition to the release of the Spaniard, the FIA has also allowed Red Bull and Alfa Romeo to use their experienced reserve drivers Sebastian Buemi and Robert Kubitza.

This led Ferrari to want to drive a Sainz, who joined them from McLaren in 2021 to give them experience in their car.

Ferrari has also indicated that they are ready to release Sebastian Vettel from his contract so that he can drive for his new Racing Point team.

Ferrari refused to comment on the decision of the FAR.

But Horse Whisperer Twitter has an external link that would be associated with the Italian team: Abu Dhabi, boy (?) driving test. Who knows how to drive? Alonso (312 GP) yes, that is possible; Buemi (55) yes, that is possible; Vettel (256) no, that is not possible; Kubica (97) yes, that is possible; Sainz (117) no, that is not possible. What’s the logic?

An FBI spokesman said that the FIA can authorise a driver to join at the end of the season at the request of a competitor.

In the current context of the Covida 19 pandemic and the considerable pressure it has put on the Formula 1 teams in terms of timing and logistics, the Board of Directors has granted this compensation to several participants in accordance with their requests, within the limits of the sports regulations permitted in Formula 1.

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