Flights to Nashville International Airport resumed about an hour later, but connectivity problems persisted in Tennessee and other parts of the region on Friday evening. In some locations the emergency call systems have been decommissioned.

AT&T has confirmed that one of its network nodes was damaged in the Christmas explosion.

We continue to work to restore service to customers in and around Nashville affected by this morning’s explosion, AT&T spokesman Jim Greer said when the night fell on Nashville.

We have mobilized additional resources, including our national disaster team, and are bringing in many portable mobile units to support recovery efforts, Greer added.

T-Mobile said there were service problems due to the explosion, but we worked diligently with our partners to rebuild.

According to a tweet from Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray, the carrier has experienced service problems in the areas of Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee, parts of Louisville, Kentucky and Birmingham, Alabama, and parts of the Atlanta metropolitan area.

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Earlier in the day, AT&T confirmed that it is in contact with law enforcement and is working to restore service as quickly and safely as possible.

When a network node is disturbed, usually by a hurricane or other natural disaster, some Internet traffic can be redirected, but not all Internet traffic.

As a result, customers in Nashville and other areas of Tennessee have reported the loss of wireless services and other connections.

The network nodes depend on a commercial power supply with batteries and emergency generators. Damage to the installation may have affected these systems and resulted in reduced service on Friday.

Power is needed to repair wireless and wired communications, and we work with law enforcement to access our equipment and make the necessary repairs, AT&T said Friday night.

AT&T installs cell towers in Nashville to help law enforcement and improve wireless service. CNN’s parent company, WarnerMedia, is owned by AT&T.

The failure of the network node in the inner city had a cascading effect at the airport and elsewhere.

Nashville International Airport said telecommunications problems related to the explosion forced the Federal Aviation Administration to suspend flights from Nashville for a short period of time.

The FAA stated that the ground stop was lifted after about an hour. The pilots have never lost contact with air traffic control, the agency said in a statement.

On the website of the FAA you can see that a ground stop has been issued due to an overheated ZME frequency.

The MTA is the FAA’s air traffic control facility in Memphis, which is responsible for controlling aircraft in the high-altitude area.

Flight operations at Nashville International Airport continue to affect telecommunications, according to a tweet from the airport around 3:30 pm. CT.

The airport tweeted on Friday evening that most flights will be resumed, but there may be some delays.

Pete Muntin and Kay Jones of CNN contributed to this report.

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