The Memphis Grizzlies are up next for the Knicks, and they are a team that has been a thorn in the side of New York for the past two seasons. The Grizzlies won the first match-up back in 2017, and came back from a 30-point deficit to take a game 3 win in the 2017 Western Conference Finals. But just two days ago, the Thunder ended the Grizzlies’ season. The win gave Oklahoma city the number 6 seed and a first round bye. The Thunder have all the pieces right now to make a deep run in the playoffs this year, but if they want to win in the postseason, they must make a move for a better player.

The Knicks have been in a bit of a purgatory recently. They looked like the team that beat the Cavs in the playoffs a year or so ago, but not the team that made them a better team. For the first time in years, it feels like they are back to being the team that everyone loves to hate, but at the same time, it’s hard to hate on a fun team like that.

The Thunder’s Kemba Walker knows that the New York Knicks made the playoffs this season for the first time since 2013. They have plenty of room and can build an elite team for next season.

The Knicks have built a young core that is ready to compete at a high level. They need to add some players in the offseason to be a contender in the Eastern Conference. The biggest need is at the point guard position, especially if Derrick Rose becomes a free agent.

Kemba Walker would be a good target for the Knicks because of his scoring ability. He had a disappointing year with the Boston Celtics and was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Even in a disappointing season, Walker averaged 19.3 points per game and 4.9 assists. He also hit 36% from the three-point line, which is slightly above average.

Trading Walker also makes sense for the Thunder. They’re in the middle of a rebuild and Walker doesn’t fit into that program. The only reason Walker was acquired was to get out from under Horford’s contract and to buy some draft picks.

Here’s the perfect deal the Knicks should offer the Thunder for Kemba Walker.

Knicks trade Kevin Knox II, 21 and 32. Thunder picks

The Knicks drafted a lot of young players and can afford to trade one. Kevin Knox II is a solid role player with potential for more. He hasn’t become the player they expected him to be and he needs a new situation. The Thunder could have used him better and gotten two draft picks at the same time.

For the Knicks, this package won’t be too expensive. They still have a first round pick in this year’s draft, and adding a player like Walker makes more sense.

What will the Thunder look like after the Kemba Walker trade?

In exchange for Walker, the Thunder would receive a solid package and strengthen their young core. Knox II could be a great player for the Thunder, as well as the players they select in the draft. Walker doesn’t fit the team’s schedule, and it makes sense to get a package like this for him.

That’s the deal the Thunder have to make to get rid of Walker’s contract.

What would the Knicks look like after acquiring Walker?

After trading Walker, the Knicks will be in a great position. They have everything they need to make the playoffs, and Walker will boost the team’s talent level. If they can get another star through free agency, they could be a real contender next season.

Walker will bring a new dynamic to the offense. Last season, much of the offense came from star attacker Julius Randle. There were good reasons for that, but Walker can create his own offense. Adding this element to the offense will help them improve that side of the ball. Last season they had a defensive identity, but with Walker, they can be a two-way team.

If the Knicks accept the offer, they are just one star short of becoming a championship contender. Randle will try to build on his career year and other young players will continue to develop.

The Knicks are expected to offer this trade for Walker in hopes of becoming a contender next season.

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